Basketball Manitoba is pleased to partner with Sport Manitoba, the Manitoba Games Council and the 7 Regional Sport Associations of Manitoba to offer the 2008 Power Smart Manitoba Game!  This summer will mark the first appearance of basketball in Games since 2002 and the first time in the Manitoba Summer Games.  Prior to this, basketball was in the Winter Games at the adult level.  This spring will see basketball qualifiers in all seven regions of the province (Central, Eastman, Interlake, Norman, Parkland, Westman and Winnipeg) at the age 15 and under category (players born in 1993 to 1997) for both boys and girls.  Qualifiers will run in April and May in the seven regions with the winners representing their region at the 2008 Power Smart Manitoba Games in Carman, MB, August 11-17.  For more information and to register your team for a regional qualifier...



The Power Smart Manitoba Games are the province's largest ongoing
multi-sport program bringing together participants from across the
province. The Games are held every two years and alternate between
summer and winter sports events. Each set of Games involve upwards of
10,000 athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.  Participation in the Power Smart Manitoba
Games begins with regional qualifying events. Regional teams of
approximately 200 athletes, coaches, managers and mission staff go on
to participate in the Provincial Finals.

The Manitoba Games Council is responsible for the overall stewardship
of the Power Smart Manitoba Games. Sport Manitoba supports the Council
in overall planning and management, promotion and marketing of the

Basketball Manitoba is a proud member of the Manitoba Games and
oversees the implementation of the basketball component in the summer


2008 Power Smart Manitoba Games

August 11-17, 2008 - Carman, Manitoba 


The next Manitoba Summer Games will be held in Carman, Manitoba,
August 11-17, 2008. The basketball competition  will feature boys &
girls teams representing the seven regions of Manitoba who are 15 years
of age or younger (born in 1993 to 1997).

You don't want to miss out on the excitement, camaraderie and
competition that will create lifelong memories and help you prepare for
the next step towards your Olympic dreams!

The 2008 Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games are currently revving for
the regional qualifying events in Spring/Summer 2008 in preparation to
cross the finish line at the Provincial Games in Carman.


Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games Regional Qualifiers

Basketball Regional Qualifier
Central Basketball Sat,
April 12, 2008
Treherne Treherne Collegiate March
10, 2008
1-866-774-2220 ext 1
Eastman Basketball    

Sat-Sun, April 12-13, 2008 Pinawa Pinawa Secondary
March 28, 2008

1-866-774-2220 ext 2
Interlake Basketball Fri-Sun, April
11-13, 2008
Ashern Ashern Central School March
28, 2008
1-866-774-2220 ext 3
Norman Basketball Fri-Sat, April 12-13, 2008 The Pas Margaret Barbour
Collegiate Institute
22, 2008
1-866-774-2220 ext 4
Parkland Basketball Sat,
April 12, 2008
Grandview Grandview School March 28, 2008 1-866-774-2220 ext 5
Westman Basketball Sat-Sun, April 5-6, 2008 Killarney Killarney School March 20, 2008

1-866-774-2220 ext 6

Basketball Fri-Sat, May 23-24, 2008 Winnipeg U of W Duckworth
May 9,
1-866-774-2220 ext 7

For more information on your respective regional qualifier,

call or email your region or follow the links below and register online!


order to compete in the 2008 Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games
Provincial Finals in Carman, you must qualify for the team that will
represent the region in which you reside.

Take pride in representing your region at the Provincial Games and test
your athletic abilities against the best from other regions in the

Click on your region's name for dates and locations of qualifying events and important contact information.


  Sport ManitobaManitoba HydroProvince of Manitoba  


For more specific basketball information, please refer to the 2008 Manitoba Games Basketball Technical Package.


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