Canada Basketball in partnership with Sport Canada and Basketball Manitoba is asking ALL players, coaches and parents involved in the sport of basketball at ALL levels to complete a quick survey on their experiences with the sport.  The theme of the questions relate around the 'Long Term Athlete Development' concepts which look at ways to ensure that basketball or other activities can truly be a sport for life!  The surveys are 100% anonymous and will only take a few moments to complete!  To complete the survey...

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As you may be aware, Sport Canada and therefore Canada Basketball have recently begun to place a major emphasis on the 'long-term athlete development' (LTAD). As the governing body of the sport of basketball in Canada, we feel as though this model is crucial in helping develop the game of basketball as well as improve the overall health of our nation.

By personally completing this survey and asking your fellow coaches, players and parents to do the same, you would not only be helping us, but are contributing to your own development and potential success. This is truly a great time for basketball in Canada, and we want to continue to move forward!

The surveys are will only take a few moments of your time and can be accessed by clicking the following links...


Coach’s Survey


Player’s Survey


Parent’s Survey


We hope to have all of the surveys completed by no later than March 31, 2008. The more timely we can make this process, the more beneficial it will be to all of us.

Morte information on the concepts and development of the LTAD system, please visit

We thank you for your cooperation.


Mike MacKay

Manager, Coach Education & Development

Canada Basketball 

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