Basketball Manitoba has announced its slate of National Coaching Certification and Junior Officials Development Program clinics
for the fall.  The JODP is designed to improve the overall level of officiating in the Junior High / Middle School & Minor basketball leagues.  These clinics will cover such aspects as game rules, floor mechanics, hand signals, referee philosophy and more. Basketball Manitoba offers the Technical aspect of the NCCP program, which is specific to basketball, in three different levels (1, 2 and 3). Remember, you must first register
with the website in order to register for a clinic this year!  Once you
are registered with the website, you can find out more details on the
clinics including dates, times, costs and more. That information can be
found at...

You can register now for any of the below clinics, however, you must be a registered member of this website to register for one of the below clinics.  Register now!


For more information on either program, check out...

Junior Referee Clinics
NCCP Coaches Clinics

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