Basketball Manitoba is pleased to launch a brand new feature on its website called 'Live Drills'.  The Live Drills feature was developed by Manitoba's High Performance Coach Kirby Schepp and uses flash based technologies to visually illustrate a large number of basic, intermediate and advanced basketball drills that coaches can review and integrate into their practices.  There are currently 30 drills in the collection with new ones being added on a regular basis.  Coaches can add comments at the bottom of any drill or make requests for new ones.  In order to view the live drills, you must be registered with the website.  To view the drills...


Kirby Schepp


Live Drills!


Please note that only registered and logged in users can view the 'Live Drills' or make comments.



To view the drills, you will need 'Flash' installed on your computer.

Get Flash

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