Basketball Manitoba is pleased to release another FIBA produced video on its website!  FIBA Guidelines for Officials is an in depth look at the game of basketball from a rules perspective and addresses topics such as the shot clock, act of shooting, charging and blocking, free throw violations, goal tending and basket interference, post play, rebounds, traveling, screening and technical and unsportsmanlike fouls.  The full 2 hour production is available to view for free for all Basketball Manitoba web members...


The videos are only accessible to registered members of the Basketball Manitoba website.
  Registration is free and open to anyone. Please either register or login at the top right of the screen before proceeding.  


To view the following videos, you will need 'Flash' installed on your computer.  

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Contents (mm:ss)

  1. Introduction

  2. 24-Second
    Shot Clock

  3. Act
    of Shooting

  4. Charging
    and Blocking

  5. Free
    Throw Violations

  6. Goal
    Tending and Basket Interference

  7. Post

  8. Rebounds

  9. Traveling

  10. Screening

  11. Technical

  12. Unsportsmanlike

More information on the transition over to FIBA Rules can be found in the...

FIBA Education Centre


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