(Toronto, ON)  FIBA and Canada Basketball have come together to launch a new national shot clock program just in time for the basketball season, delivering an affordable, premium quality shot clock system to help with the implementation of FIBA rules. This is the only shot clock on the market that is approved by both FIBA and Canada Basketball, meeting all of the required specifications as outlined by the federation guidelines.  The clock is being offered at the special rate of $995, a cost savings of more than $500 off the regular price.  This new design provides an economical solution for clubs and schools that do not currently have the infrastructure, to implement the FIBA rules without a large financial burden.

“We have developed a great product through our membership and relationship with FIBA”, said Canada Basketball Manager of Coaching Education and Development, Mike MacKay. “This new clock offers the only product approved by both organizations. We have also come together with the manufacturer / supplier, T-Litzen Sports Ltd. to offer a portable, durable, high quality shot clock that coaches can easily use in practice and games. This allows coaches to train athletes with shot clocks which is one of the keys to improving our overall play.”

This exclusive shot clock system includes two CSA approved clocks, a keyboard, and is fully remote controlled, with an extra cable (if needed).  The portability and ease-of-use make it ideal for practice situations where coaches may not have access to score boards. In addition, the package includes an promotional panel to help give clubs and schools the opportunity to offer advertising to offset their investment. With the FIBA rules coming into effect, leagues and schools will require the necessary equipment to implement these rules.

Member of the FIBA World Technical Commission and Rules Consultant on the Implementation of FIBA Rules, Fred Horgan commented, “The decision by FIBA to implement the 24-second shot clock was first met with much the same trepidation as was the 30-second clock a decade and a half before. One season later, however, any misgivings had been erased. Coaches quickly recognized the necessity of moving the ball more quickly into the frontcourt and players had responded enthusiastically to a new and faster tempo of play. Fans as well applauded the excitement generated by this faster pace, and the game has never looked back.” 

These clocks are currently in stock and are available for purchase by contacting T-Litzen Sports at 1-800-603-5164 ext. 297. See attached fact sheet and order form for more information. 

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