Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce a new coaching support feature on its website - the Basketball Manitoba Practice Plan eXchange.  The system will allow coaches to view other coaches practice plans to use as an
information base to help you manage a successful practice! You are also
able to submit your own to the collection!  Thanks to the base of local coaches who submitted our original 22 practice plans.

Thanks to Brad Purpur, Carey Lasuik, Jerry Hemmings, Darren Johnson, Dave Crook, Dave Malowski, Geoff Moffett, Jana Taylor, Jen How, Kevin Rowan, Mike Weeks, Rick Symonds, Tanya McKay and Val Carson for already submitting their plans to the service!


If you would like to submit or view a practice plan in the service, click the link below and follow the instructions to do so!  To access the service, you must be a registered member of the Basketball Manitoba website.  REGISTER NOW!


Practice Plan eXchange



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