TMO is a unique, year round basketball program in Winnipeg,
Manitoba.  TMO is designed to train and develop basketball fundamentals
in each athlete. Our program is open to Boys and Girls in grades 6-12. 
The purpose of the program is to develop the individual player in an
environment that is surrounded by motivated and committed Coaches.  TMO
focuses on developing the skills and attitudes necessary for success. 
All players train in an environment where there is no fear of being cut
from a team, getting benched, or worrying about playing time.  We
encourage players to take risks, get out of their comfort zone and have
fun while working and training hard.

The program is designed and implemented by two university basketball coaches: Tanya McKay and Tami Pennell (Both Certified Level 4 NCCP Coaches).

TMO is broken down into three areas:

  1. On Court Sessions

  2. Dry Land Training

  3. Life Skill Session

1.    On-Court Sessions

The focus of these sessions is to teach and instill vital basketball fundamentals, and help our athletes become skilled “all-around” players. TMO is not a “team” so rather than teaching an offense, out of bounds plays, or other “team” skills, we spend time on the fundamentals that most other programs don’t have either the time or expertise to teach. Every session, we work on skills such as shooting, footwork, ball handling, dribbling, passing, defense, 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and 3 on 3.

2.    Dry Land Training

The dry land component serves two functions:

#1 Develop athletic performance by improving:

  • •    functional strength and flexibility

  • •    jumping ability and explosive mechanics

  • •    quickness, agility and foot speed

  • •    muscular strength and endurance

  • •    aerobic and anaerobic conditioning

#2 Prevent injuries by improving:

  • •    basic mechanics and body awareness

  • •    coordination and flexibility

  • •    strength and conditioning

3.    Life Skills

Our life skill sessions are held once every 3 months.  There are 4 Life Skill sessions over a year. 

In our life skill sessions we emphasize the all-around development of an athlete.  Areas touched on are health and nutrition, fitness and strength, sport psychology (goal setting, time management, Ideal Performance State, dealing with nervousness, emotional control, visualization, etc), being a student first, and what it means being an “elite-athlete”.

What so special about TMO?

  1. Tanya and Tami (U of W Women’s Coaches) are certified Level IV Basketball coaches who design and implement the TMO program.

  2. TMO is a fundamentally based program to help basketball players improve their overall skill packages.

  3. Qualified Male & Female coaches are hired to Coach TMO athletes.  Tanya and Tami mentor all coaches.

  4. A minimum of 50 contact hours throughout the year.

  5. Each year – each athlete will receive a Training Logbook which includes ideas/suggestions on what to work on which is appropriate for their age level.

  6. A Shooting Analysis is done once a year by video taping the player shooting.  The tape will be analyzed with a Coach. 

  7. Fitness assessments are completed with suggestions for improvements.

  8. Evaluations are done throughout the year to provide feedback on areas improved in and things to continue to work on.

  9. As players move through the program, TMO training becomes more individualized for the player.

  10. TMO blends with school, district and provincial team Basketball Training.

TMO Registration

$500 for the Year,

or $125 every 3 months

Next Registration: Tuesday, July 3rd or call 782-8902

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