March is “March Into Reading Month” and last Thursday several members of the Winnipeg Wesmen Men’s Basketball
Team paid a visit to Victoria Albert School to kick off the event.

Head Coach Dave Crook along with Erfan Nasajpour, Owen Toews, Mike

James, James Horaska, Ryan Roper, Diego Salazar, and Nick Lother spent a

few hours reading stories to kids in grades 1-6 and as an added bonus

took the time to play basketball with some of the kids from grades 4-6.

“The guys were terrific, they really made the kids day and I can not

thank Coach Crook and the team enough for taking the time out of their

day to visit us”, said Karen Dobriansky, staff member at Victoria

Albert School and former Wesmen.

The visit was a proud one for Erfan Nasajpour who is a graduate of

Victoria Albert. “The kids really flocked to him knowing that he

graduated from here and they were really interested in hearing his

stories”, said Dobriansky.

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