Most young athletes that end up being professional basketball players
usually start their career from being a part of high school varsity
team then to college and then to the NBA. It is not an easy thing to
achieve; most players are astonished when trying to climb the
basketball career ladder.

Even in high school level, aspiring basketball athletes engage in a stiff competition to become a part of the varsity.  What appears like to be an easy watching in the stands for a high school athlete becomes a colossal challenge when they step inside the basketball court. This is because they play against the athletes that they used to watch in a season before.

In college or university, much is required from an aspiring player. To be able to join a university level team, the player must have the talent and skills in playing basketball, as well as determination and dedication. Athletes must have the necessary assets have greater chances of getting a uniform. However, if you want to play in a college basketball game, you would be surprised of how intensive the search of good players is.

Nowadays, college basketball recruiting had shifted from the local to regional perspective. Parents and players should know that nearly every college roster includes at least one foreign player instead of athletes coming from multiple states in the US.

For any high school player who thinks that he can get into a scholarship by simply participating in his daily basketball practice with his team is misleading. Nearly every high school institutions around the globe that offer interscholastic athletics is going through at least two-hour basketball practice this time of year to improve their own team. If you are one of the players who just play to get or maintain a scholarship then you should rethink and change your mindset. A small number of players can depend on their natural skills and participate in normal basketball drills to become one of the best basketball players in the world.

The following are some tips for aspiring basketball athletes from a coach who is searching the country and even the world to find players who could push his team to become a championship team.

1. Pay attention to what your high school coach is saying and do exactly what he says. Remember that he controls the playing time. Without it, it is difficult to be recruited and become a member of the team.

2. Do not just play easily. Do more everyday and show the best moves more than you are instructed to do. Polish your skills during “off days” by doing basketball drills at home or at school. If you do not know many drills, you can search the Web for websites providing this information.

3. Focus on your weakness and do not let them overtake your strengths. Work diligently on your fundamental skills and master them. Climbing the basketball career ladder requires consistent high skill level and it cannot be achieved by simply playing a 5-on-5 basketball game. 

4. Find a good player or a basketball critic that can judge your skills objectively. Be sure that he is unbiased, objective and thoroughly familiar with basketball in order to find out what primary fundamentals that you need to improve and gain advices.

5. Be positive and have a “coachable” attitude. Always be obedient and maximize the time you have with your coach in improving your basketball skills. Remember that your coach spends more time doing the practice as he does with his family – so it is certain that he does not want to deal with bad attitudes.

6. Do not focus on basketball completely. Maintain your academic standings also by becoming a diligent student. Many institutions across the country have high academic requirements. Failing to meet such and falling from necessary academic baselines can immediately terminate your scholarship.

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