This last weekend saw the crowning of the top teams in the province at the Junior Varsity Provincial Championships.  The rural boys and girls championships were hosted by Teulon Collegiate while the urban championships ran at Springs Christian and Linden Christian Schools in Winnipeg.   The U of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre played host to this year's boys and girls urban finals.  The results of the tournaments were...


Thursday, March 8


Game 1    3:30 p.m.

Kelvin Clippers over Neelin Spartans 85 - 44


Game 2    5:00 p.m.

Vincent Massey Trojans (wpg) over River East Kodiaks 51 - 47


6:00 p.m.  Opening Ceremonies & Skills Competition

This is compulsory for all teams


Free Throw Pressure Winner

Erik Lassen of the Glenlawn Lions


Speed Shooting Winner

Jordan Bonvick of the Glenlawn Lions


3 Point Shooting Winner

Tyler Stewart of the St. John’s Tigers (Also won the “Money Ball”)


Game 3    7:00 p.m.

Sisler Spartans over Linden Christian Wings 63 - 42


Game 4    8:30 p.m.

Garden City Fighting Gophers over St. John’s Tigers 57 - 47


Friday, March 9


Game 5    3:30 p.m.

St-Paul’s Crusaders over Vincent Massey Trojans (wpg) 65 - 43


Game 6    5:00 p.m.

Sisler Spartans over Glenlawn Lions 60 - 53


Game 7    6:30 p.m.

Fort Richmond Centurions over Garden City Fighting Gophers 55-34


Game 8    8:00 p.m.

Kelvin Clippers over Oak Park Raiders 71 - 58


Saturday, March 10


10:30 a.m. Semi Finals #1

Sisler Spartans over St-Paul’s Crusaders 52 - 46


12:00 a.m. Semi Finals #2

Fort Richmond Centurions over Kelvin Clippers 84 - 79


Monday, March 12 - @ University of Winnipeg


5:30 p.m. BOYS FINALS

Fort Richmond Centurions over Sisler Spartans 65 - 52

Leading scorers:

Matt Waldner of Fort Richmond with 24points

Brandon Lutouche of Fort Richmond with 16 points

Janine Agustin of Sisler with 15 points

Nelson Soriano of Sisler with 14 points

All Stars

Brett Foster of Fort Richmond

Janine Agustin of Sisler

Devon Cox of Sisler

Cameron Norrie of St. Paul's

Dane Cameron - Kelvin

MVP - Matt Waldner - FRC 


game 1: Miles MacDonell Buckeyes over Linden Christian Wings 49-25

game 2: College Jeanne Sauve Olympiens over Garden City Fighting Gophers 49-39

game 3: River East Kodiaks over Daniel McIntyre Maroons 69-66

game 4: J.H. Bruns Broncos over Fort Richmond Centurions 48-45

game 5: Miles MacDonell Buckeyes over Oak Park Raiders 50-46

game 6: Vincent Massey Trojans over College Jeanne Sauve Olympiens 62-44

game 7: Vincent Massey Vikings over River East Kodiaks 53-48

game 8: Sisler Spartans over J.H. Bruns Broncos 51-36

game 9: Vincent Massey Trojans over Miles MacDonell Buckeyes 66-50

game 10: Sisler Spartans over Vincent Massey Vikings 59-45

CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL game 11: Vincent Massey Trojans over Sisler Spartans 60-55 

leading scorers:

Cheryll Paranaque of Sisler with 23 points

Rebecca Funk of Vincent Massey (Wpg)with 17 points

Danielle Baril of Vincent Massey (Wpg) with 16 points

All stars:

Kelsy Rawsthorne of Miles MacDonell

Sarah Didychuk of Vincent Massey Vikings (Bdn)

Danielle Baril of Vincent Massey Trojans (Wpg)

Hayleigh Bell of Sisler

Cheryll Paranaque of Sisler

MVP - Rebecca Funk of Vincent Massey Trojans (Wpg) 


Date                      Win                               Loss          Score 

March 9             Thompson           vs         Teulon         27-21

March 9              Boissevain          vs         Russell         41-39

March 9              Lac Du Bonnet   vs         Winkler       35-27

March 9               Elton                  vs        Portage        35-29

March 9                Boissevain         vs        Thompson   30-25

March 9                Lac Du Bonnet  vs        Elton            36-14 

March 10            Portage             vs        Winkler        35-17

March 10            Teulon            vs            Russell        44-41

3rd Place Game     Elton defeats  Thompson                       40-23            

Consolation Final   Teulon defeats Portage                        49-29

Championship Game  Lac Du Bonnet defeats Boissevain  39-30

Girls All-stars

Cally Tinkess - Elton

Terri Button - Lac Du Bonnet

Alia Worona - Lac Du Bonnet

Jennifer Pugh - Boissevain

Jennifer Wilbee - Boissevain

MVP - Andrea Gorrie - Lac Du Bonnet



March 9              Thompson             vs     Steinbach      44-25

March 9             Sanford              vs       Teulon          57-50

March 9                Roblin                 vs        MacGregor  60-36

March 9                Ste. Anne             vs        Killarney     57-51

March 10            Roblin                    vs        Sanford        63-47          

March 10            Thompson               vs        Ste. Anne    50-44

March 10            Teulon                     vs         MacGregor  51 - 47

March 10            Steinbach                 vs     Killarney        73-28

Consolation Final   Steinbach defeats Teulon 45-39

3rd place game      Sanford defeats Ste. Anne    72 -37

Championship Final Roblin defeats Thompson 43-34

All Stars

Josh Weidman - Sanford

Hugh Crawford - Thompson

Michael Johnson - Thompson

AJ Zachedniak - Roblin

Michael Hunter - Roblin

MVP - Bobby Neufeld


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