(Seattle, WA) Canada Basketball, NBA MVP Steve Nash, the Steve Nash
Foundation and a partnership group involving Vancouver residents David
Sidoo, Kyle Washington and the Mackay Family of Vancouver, announced
today their plans for the national roll out of the Steve Nash Youth
Basketball program beginning in September of this year.

Steve Nash Youth Basketball is a developmental program designed for boys and girls ages five to 13. The program is designed to teach basketball fundamentals and further expose children to physical activity in a fun and positive environment.  The program uses age-appropriate skills and drills in accordance with Canada Basketball’s Long-Term Athlete Development Model.

“I am excited to take the Steve Nash Youth Basketball national,” said Nash.  “Together we are developing a sustainable program that promotes participation, physical fitness and teamwork, as well as an appreciation of the game of basketball.  We hope to introduce kids to the game, develop their skills and create healthy opportunities, all in a safe environment.”

Steve Nash Youth Basketball has been operating in the province of British Columbia under the direction of Basketball BC for the past six years and has grown to more than 8,000 participants in the province.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Steve and his Foundation, Basketball BC and David’s partnership group to bring this program to youth across the country,” commented Canada Basketball CEO and Executive Director Fred Nykamp. “Steve Nash Youth Basketball will help us to ensure young athletes at all levels will have an early positive experience with our sport and it will help children from across the county have the same opportunities to play the game.”

The program is administered by the local community and is participant-centered. Local administrators receive instructions on how set up and run their league as well as coaching manuals, practice plans, and access to coaching clinics. Parents are also given information to help ensure their child has a healthy basketball experience. 

"Kyle, John and I are proud to partner with Steve in promoting physical activity for boys and girls across Canada,” commented Sidoo. “The Steve Nash Youth Basketball program will be the first of its kind, in that U13 participants will have the opportunity to participate in provincial and national tournaments, ultimately culminating in a National Championship game."

Team parity and co-operation are highly stressed in the program giving all participants the chance to play and grow their skills. All program participants will receive an automatic membership to Canada Basketball’s national membership program “Be One” and have full access to its coaching and player development resources. As well, the program will become the first step of Canada Basketball’s player development pathway, as the organization moves towards its goal of becoming a world basketball leader.

Canada Basketball is a private, not-for-profit corporation that is committed to the growth of the sport in Canada.  Just as important, Canada Basketball is focused on the development and preparation of Canada’s national teams for the Olympic; Pan American and FISU Games as well as the World Championships.  The aspiration of Canada Basketball is to instill the pride, commitment, passion and respect that Canadians personify into the development of basketball across the country and internationally. 

The Steve Nash Foundation is dedicated to helping children and youth gain access to those health and education resources that afford them the best outcomes.  Through grants to non-profit and community service entities in Phoenix and British Columbia, and the Foundation’s own health, education and welfare initiatives, the Foundation aims to grow health in communities and the kids that make them strong.  More about the Steve Nash Foundation is at www.stevenash.org

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