On Saturday, February 24, 2007, Brandon University will honour Coach Emeritus Jerry Hemmings with a tribute night to be held in conjunction
with the number 1 ranked Bobcat men's basketball playoff game against the University of Regina.

The evening will feature the unveiling of a banner in the BU gym designating

Hemmings as Coach Emeritus at 6:55 p.m. Immediately following that evening's

basketball game, a reception will be held in the Private Dining Room

(located on the ground level of McMaster Hall on the Brandon University

campus) that will feature speeches from BU representatives, as well as

others, honouring Hemmings' career.

Professor Hemmings, the first individual recognized with the designation of

Coach Emeritus by the Brandon University Board of Governors, became a legend

in coaching ranks by winning 734 games in his career. This is a record

unsurpassed by any coach in the CIS and is in the upper ranks of coaching

victories in North America. Professor Hemmings has been granted the special

designation of Coach Emeritus by the Brandon University Board of Governors,

and will continue in his position as a tenured Full Professor in the

Department of Physical Education.

Those wishing to purchase game tickets for the Jerry Hemmings Tribute Night

in advance can do so by contacting Xanthe Burch at the Brandon University

Athletics Office at (204) 727-7375 between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. Monday to

Friday, or by email at burchx@brandonu.ca.


For more information, please contact:

Rick Nickelchok

Athletic Director

Brandon University

Phone: (204) 727 - 7405

Email: nickelchokr@brandonu.ca

Kelly Stifora

Communications Officer

Brandon University

Phone: (204) 727 - 9762

Email: stiforak@brandonu.ca

Xanthe Burch

Athletic Clerk

Brandon University

Phone: (204) 727 - 7375

Email: burchx@brandonu.ca

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