Coach Jaime Hickson and the Lady Bobcats were busy “trick or treating” on Halloween evening. However, the Bobcats were not collecting candy but bringing goodwill, best wishes and distributing candy, posters and game passes to patients and visitors at the Brandon Regional Health Centre!

The lady Bobcats, decked out in great costumes, started the evening by
visiting the hospital before they went calling on long time athletic
supporters Marg and Doug Crandle, whom incidentally have arguably the
best decorated Halloween house (inside and out) in the entire Westman

“We have a great group of student athletes on our team who enjoy doing
community related activities on behalf of the University. We had a lot
of fun and look forward to the next event,” stated coach Hickson.

For more information, please contact:

Jaime Hickson, Women’s Basketball Coach

Phone: 727-7431


Rick Nickelchok, Athletic Director

Phone: 727 - 7405


Kelly Stifora, BU Communications Officer

Phone: 727 - 9762


Xanthe Burch, Athletic Clerk

Phone: 727 - 7375



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