The Small Ball Community program is available at NO COST to First Nation, Aboriginal and under represented communities across Canada and Canada Basketball is looking for possible sites (schools and community groups,
etc.) that would be interested in receiving this program.

Small Ball


Small Ball is a fully inclusive community basketball
program designed for children 5-8 years old.  Canada Basketball created
the Small Ballprogram, in conjunction with the Provincial and Territorial Basketball Organizations and NBA Canada.


program teaches children the fundamental skills of basketball, using
equipment and a game that has been modified to suit the needs and
abilities of young children.  Small Ball is divided into two age
categories, 5-6 year-olds and 7-8 year-olds, taking into account the
distinct mental, physical and social differences between the children at different ages.



an opportunity for children 5-8 years old to play basketball while
giving coaches, referees and administrators a chance to become involved in basketball at the "grass roots" level.


  • Small Ball is Canada Basketball’s (CB) primary grassroots initiative
    for children under 10, specifically targeted to ages 5-8.  

  • Small Ball Community is still a fully operating Canada Basketball Program.

  • CB will continue to run Small Ball Community in conjunction with our
    provincial basketball partners (P/TSOs), with the goal of reaching 20 - 30 sites in 2007. 

  • Canada Basketball will work with P/TSO’s and other community groups to recruit new Small Ball Community opportunities for disadvantaged communities.

  • As with all other Canada Basketball programs, Be One is now part of the membership package for each Small Ball participant. 

  • Each participant will receive their Be One card in the mail following receipt of each sites registration forms.  



The projected targeted groups for the Small Ball Community Program are under represented communities/groups (aboriginal people, youth at risk, visible minorities, economically disadvantaged, female children and youth).  


Small Ball Community is a government sponsored initiative, the Small Ball Community candidate will not have to pay for any costs of the Small Ball program, therefore when nominating the Small Ball candidates please consider those communities/clubs who are most in need of the program.

Canada Basketball will support this initiative by:

  • Providing a designated number of Small Ball kits and player packages at no cost

  • Administer the program from a national level

  • Provide support to the provincial associations involved in the program

  • Ship all necessary materials

  • The P/TSO will support the Small Ball Community initiative by:

  • o  Providing membership to all participants

  • o  Aiding in selection of participating sites

  • o  Providing technical expertise and support to selected sites

  • o  Communicating frequently with each Small Ball Community site

  • o  Performing a mid-term evaluation of the site and it’s programming

  • o  Performing a final report on the program’s successes, failures and areas in need of improvement 


Basketball Canada is a not-for-profit organization and funding for this program comes from Sport Canada.  Please visit our website at for more information. Please be advised that these applications must be sent to me as soon as possible as the deadline to apply for this year is March 31, 2007 and supplies will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. 

For more Information please contact…  

Canada Basketball

Tamara Sam @ 416-614-8037 ext 217

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