Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce a successful wrap-up of its multi-year campaign, which has reached its pinnacle of 500 nets donated to outdoor basketball courts in Manitoba. The milestone was reached this week, with all 500 nets now out and delivered.  

The "Nothin' But Nets" campaign was launched in the spring of 2021 as the world was coming out of the pandemic as outdoor basketball was the first option back for the sport.  Since then, 500 hoops in Manitoba have been outfitted with high-quality meshes.  

The campaign offered free basketball nets to any existing outdoor basketball court in Manitoba that is listed on the Manitoba Outdoor Basketball Court Map.  The virtual map has been collecting outdoor court data for almost 15 years, and the free nets campaign saw that data jump from 100 to over 300 documented outdoor courts.  Data can still be submitted to the growing virtual map at any time.  

The Nets campaign distributed 500 free basketball nets to 176 courts in over 50 communities in Manitoba. The recipient courts ranged from 1 to 4 hoops on each site. The courts receiving free nets included...

  1. Acadia Junior High, Winnipeg, MB
  2. Alexander School, Alexander, MB
  3. Andrew Mynarski School, Winnipeg, MB
  4. Angus Mckay School, Winnipeg, MB
  5. Arborgate School, Winnipeg, MB
  6. Archambault Park, Winnipeg, MB
  7. Arthur Meighen School, Portage LP, MB
  8. Autumnwood Court, Gimli, MB
  9. Baldur School, Baulder, MB
  10. Beaumont School, Winnipeg, MB
  11. Bernie Wolfe School, Winnipeg, MB
  12. Bertrun E. Glavin School, Winnipeg, MB
  13. Boissevain School Court, Boissevain, MB
  14. Brooklands School, Winnipeg, MB
  15. Burland School, Winnipeg, MB
  16. Camp Awesome Day Camp, Selkirk, MB
  17. Carberry Collegiate, Carberry, MB
  18. Central Corydon Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  19. Centre scolaire Leo-Rémillard, Winnipeg, MB
  20. Clifton Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  21. College Beliveau Court, Winnipeg, MB
  22. College Lorette Collegiate, Lorette, MB
  23. Cross Lake, Manitoba, Mikisew, MB
  24. Dakota Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  25. Dalhousie School, Winnipeg, MB
  26. Darwin School Courts, Winnipeg, MB
  27. Donwood School Court, Winnipeg, MB
  28. Dr. D.W.penner School, Winnipeg, MB
  29. Ducharme Waterplay Park, Winnipeg, MB
  30. Earl Grey School, Winnipeg, MB
  31. Earl Oxford School Brandon MB
  32. Ecole Bannatyne School, Winnipeg, MB
  33. Ecole Christine L’esperance, Winnipeg, MB
  34. École Communautaire Saint-Georges - Saint-Georges, MB
  35. Ecole Garden Grove School, Winnipeg, MB
  36. Ecole George Mcdowell, Winnipeg, MB
  37. Ecole Ile Des Chenes, Ile Des Chenes, MB
  38. École Julie-Riel, Winnipeg, MB
  39. Ecole Lansdowne, Winnipeg, MB
  40. Ecole Laverendre, Winnipeg, MB
  41. Ecole Leo Remillard, Winnipeg, MB
  42. École Regent Park, Winnipeg, MB
  43. École Riverview School Courts, Winnipeg, MB
  44. Ecole Sage Creek School Court, Winnipeg, MB
  45. École Springfield Heights, Winnipeg, MB
  46. Ecole Ste. Anne Immersion, Ste-Anne, Manitoba
  47. Ecole Van Belleghem Court, 10 Vermillion Rd., Winnipeg, MB
  48. Ecole Viscount Alexander, Winnipeg, MB
  49. Ecole Waterford Springs, Winnipeg, MB
  50. Esker Park Basketball Court, Winnipeg, MB
  51. Fisher Branch Collegiate, Fisher Branch, MB
  52. Fort La Reine School, Portage la Prairie, MB
  53. Fort Richmond Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB 
  54. Freedom International School, Winnipeg, MB
  55. FW Gilbert School, Pinawa, MB
  56. Garden City Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  57. Garden Grove School, Winnipeg, MB
  58. General Wolfe School, Winnipeg, MB
  59. George Waters Middle School, Winnipeg, MB
  60. Glenwood School Court, Winnipeg  MB
  61. H. S. Paul School, Winnipeg, MB
  62. H.C. Avery Middle School, Winnipeg, MB
  63. Harold Hatcher School, Winnipeg, MB
  64. Hastings School, Winnipeg, MB
  65. Hedges Middle School, Winnipeg, MB
  66. Henderson School, Dauphin, MB
  67. Henry G Izatt Middle School, Winnipeg, MB
  68. Heritage Victoria Community Center, Winnipeg, MB
  69. Highbury School, Winnipeg, MB
  70. Hugh John Macdonald School, Winnipeg, MB
  71. Hugh McDonald Park Court, East St Paul, MB
  72. Isaac Newton School, Winnipeg, MB
  73. J.R. Reid School, Brandon, MB 
  74. James Nisbet Community School, Winnipeg, MB
  75. John Pritchard School, Winnipeg, MB
  76. John W Gunn School, Winnipeg, MB
  77. Joseph Teres School, Winnipeg, MB
  78. Kent Road School, Winnipeg, MB
  79. Kin Centre Outdoor Rink, Selkrik, MB
  80. Kirkcaldy Heights School, Brandon, MB
  81. Kirkfield Westwood Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  82. La Barriere Crossings School, Winnipeg, MB
  83. La Salle Community Center, La Salle, MB
  84. La Verendrye School, Portage La Prairie, MB
  85. Lac Du Bonnet Senior School, Lac Du Bonnet, MB
  86. Lakeshore Heights Park, Winnipeg, MB
  87. Le Barrier Crossings School, Winnipeg, MB
  88. Leila North Community School, Winnipeg, MB
  89. Leslie Park, Lac Du Bonnet, MB
  90. Linden Lanes School, Brandon, MB
  91. Linden Meadows School, Winnipeg, MB
  92. Lindenwoods Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  93. Lord Nelson School, Winnipeg, MB
  94. Luxton School, Winnipeg, MB
  95. Magnus Eliason Recreation Center, Winnipeg, MB
  96. Major Pratt School Court, Russell, MB
  97. Maple Leaf Park, Winnipeg, MB
  98. Maples Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
  99. McIsaac School, Flin Flon, MB
  100. Miles Mac Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
  101. Minegoziibe Anishinabe School, Pine Creek FN, MB
  102. Minnedosa Beach, Minnedosa, MB
  103. Minnedosa Collegiate, Minnedosa, MB
  104. Minnetonka School, Winnipeg, MB
  105. Morrow Avenue Child Care Court, Winnipeg, MB
  106. Murdoch Mackay Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
  107. Neepawa Middle School, Neepawa, MB
  108. Niverville Middle School, Niverville, MB
  109. Nordale School, Winnipeg, MB
  110. Norplex Pool Court, Thompson, MB 
  111. Norquay Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  112. Norwood Community Center, Winnipeg, MB
  113. Notre Dame Center, Winnipeg, MB
  114. Oakenwald School, Winnipeg, MB
  115. Oakville School, Oakville, MB
  116. Orioles Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  117. Oxford Heights Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  118. Park City West Community Centre Court, Winnipeg, MB
  119. Parkdale Community Park, Brandon, MB
  120. Peguis Central School, Peguis First Nation, MB
  121. Pine Ridge Plaza Courts, Winkler, MB
  122. Portage Collegiate Institute, Portage LP, MB
  123. Prairie Grove Fellowship Chapel Court, Lorette, MB
  124. Pritchard Point Park, Winnipeg, MB
  125. Prosvita Park, Portage La Prairie, MB
  126. Richer School, Richer, MB
  127. River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
  128. River West Park School, Winnipeg, MB
  129. River West School, Winnipeg, MB
  130. Rivers Elementary School, Rivers, MB
  131. RJ Waugh Elementary School, Carberry, MB
  132. Robertson School, Winnipeg, MB
  133. Rossburn Collegiate, Rossburn, MB
  134. Saint Eustache School, Saint Eustache, MB 
  135. Saint Lazare School, Saint Lazare, MB
  136. Sanford Court, Sanford, MB
  137. Sioux Valley School, Griswold, MB
  138. Sisler High School, Winnipeg, MB
  139. Slater Road, West St Paul, MB
  140. Springfield Collegiate, Springfield, MB
  141. St Adolphe School, St Adolphe, MB
  142. St Laurent School, St. Laurent, MB
  143. St. Alphonsus School, Winnipeg, MB
  144. St. Francois Xavier School, St. Francois Xavier, MB
  145. St. Ignatius School, Winnipeg, MB
  146. St. John's Park Court, Winnipeg, MB
  147. Stanley Knowles School, Winnipeg, MB
  148. Stonybrook Middle School, Steinbach, MB
  149. Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
  150. Suzanne/Jeannette Park, Winnipeg, MB
  151. Tanner's Crossing School, Minnedosa, MB
  152. Teulon Collegiate, Teulon, MB
  153. Toilers Memorial Park Court, Winnipeg, MB
  154. Tyndall Park Community Center, Winnipeg, MB
  155. Valleyview School, Brandon, MB 
  156. Van Wallengham School, Winnipeg, MB
  157. Victor Mager School, Winnipeg, MB
  158. Victoria Jason Park, Winnipeg, MB
  159. Vince Leah Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  160. Vincent Massey High School, Brandon, MB
  161. Virden Collegiate, Virden, MB
  162. Walter Whyte School, Grand Marais, MB 
  163. Wapanohk Community School, Thompson, MB
  164. Wawanesa School, Wawanesa, MB
  165. Wellington School, Winnipeg, MB
  166. West Kildonan Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
  167. Westdale School, Winnipeg, MB
  168. Westgate Mennonite Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
  169. Westview School, Winnipeg, MB
  170. Whyte Ridge Community Center, Winnipeg, MB
  171. Williams Park, Gladstone, MB
  172. Willovale Park, Flin Flon, MB
  173. Winnipeg Beach School, Winnipeg Beach, MB
  174. Winnipegosis Collegiate, Winnipegosis, MB
  175. Winnipegosis Elementary School, Winnipegosis, MB
  176. Yellowquill School, Portage La Prairie, MB
Basketball Manitoba would like to thank the following volunteers for taking the time to make a request and then mounting nets on their neighbourhood court since 2021!
  • Aaron Williams 
  • Abram Gatpayat
  • Adam Wedlake
  • Ainslie Loria
  • Aleeza Gerstein
  • Alisha Thompson
  • Allan Miswaggon 
  • Amanda Nuttall
  • Amber Finch
  • Andrea Ahvenniemi
  • Andrew Glowa
  • Bernard Guitap
  • Brandon Murdock 
  • Brett Calder
  • Brian Donnelly
  • Brittnee Wolfe
  • Brock Hetchler 
  • Caelan Thomson
  • Caitlin Bailey
  • Cam Mackay
  • Cam Scott
  • Carla Russell
  • Carly Jenken
  • Cassandra Richard
  • Chad Irvine
  • Chantal Wiebe
  • Chris Pereira
  • Chris Unrau
  • Christa Fleury
  • Christian MacDonald
  • Cody Wieler
  • Connor Wiebe
  • Dan Rosset
  • Dana Angelopolus
  • Daniel Pegus
  • Daniel St. Vincent
  • Darin Arnold
  • Dario Cidro
  • Daryl Fillion
  • David Desousa
  • David Juvonen
  • Debbie Ritchot
  • Deondra Twerdun-Peters
  • Derek Richels
  • Devin Dela Cruz
  • Diane Taylor
  • Diego Presingular
  • Dominik Vann
  • Duhamel todd
  • Edison Extra
  • Emilene Pierce
  • Emma Tomchuk
  • Eric Mendoza
  • Erin Harris
  • Fiona Garcia
  • Freedom Lapuz
  • Garnett Kinney
  • Gavyn Bernardo
  • Gillian Ginsburg
  • Graham Bodnar
  • Greg Beckwith
  • Greg Reid
  • Henry Floreal
  • Jack Blacksmith Jr.
  • James Dobrinsky 
  • James Murray
  • Jared Neufeld
  • Jason Darragh
  • Jason Ritchot
  • Jason Smith
  • Jayla Calder
  • Jen Sutherland
  • Jena Kjernisted
  • Jennifer How
  • Jeremy Nacario
  • Jeremy Tran
  • Jerry Halcrow
  • Joe Haycock 
  • Joel Sweetland
  • Joelle Sylvestre
  • John Mathieson
  • Jon Goodspeed
  • Jordan Fast
  • Jordan Lav
  • Jordan Tratch
  • Joseph Rafael Victor Martin
  • Joy Kennedy
  • Judy Pearce
  • Julius Koutecky 
  • Kaitlin Kesler
  • Kamdyn Mckay
  • Karina Ketelsen 
  • Karli Peters
  • Katherine Strassel
  • Kathleen Low
  • Kenyi Kubari
  • Kevin Stanley
  • Kimberly Richels
  • Kristen Asmundson 
  • Kristine Gregoire 
  • Kyleigh Parrington
  • Laurie Glenn-Martindale
  • Laurie Tait
  • Lazarus Castro
  • Leah Hibbert
  • Lenin Mangaron
  • Leo Szutu
  • Leslie Duhamel
  • Lindsay Noel
  • Lori Hildebrandt 
  • Lucas Buller
  • Madison Backer
  • Marc McPike
  • Marc Tellier
  • Mark Lawrence
  • Marlene Giesbrecht
  • Martina Vergata
  • Matt Chammartin
  • Matt Eichel
  • Matt Harzing
  • Maureen Martin
  • Meagan Ferguson
  • Melissa Blaine
  • Michael Stadnyk
  • Michelle Marinelli
  • Mike Ruta
  • Mireille Desautels
  • Mitchell Nelissen
  • Murray Gehman
  • Nadia Melon
  • Nancy Findlay
  • Nathan Dobrunsky  
  • Nathan Lee
  • Neil Taylor
  • Nicolas Sapozhnykov 
  • Nopharat Kousonsavath
  • Oscar Ramirez
  • Pamela Fehr
  • Paul Grosskopf
  • Peter Price
  • Randy Walc 
  • Richard Fiola
  • Richard Nidoy
  • Rod McLeod
  • Ron Verrier
  • Ross Wedlake
  • Russ Patterson
  • Ryan Rongavilla
  • Ryan Sustrik
  • Sara Gillis
  • Sara Morrison
  • Sarah George
  • Savannah Keeping
  • Scott Humphreys
  • Sean Close
  • Sheena Morsette
  • Sheryl Francisco
  • Simon Hildebrandt
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Stephanie Karpan
  • Stephen Gatpayat
  • Stephen Ralko
  • Steve Marr
  • Steven Cameron
  • Susan Jackson
  • Tanya Love
  • Ted Fardoe
  • Terri Firlotte
  • Thomas Weber
  • Timothy Bock
  • Towela Mkanda
  • Trevor Reimer
  • Trevor Winter 
  • Tricia Penner
  • Tristan Boyer
  • Yvonne Bjornson
  • Zack Diboll 

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