Summit Basketball is hosting the 2024 Summit Basketball Skills program, aimed at providing a fun learning environment that focuses on fundamental and individual basketball skills applicable in game scenarios. The sessions will be held at St. Emile School Gymnasium, located at 552 St. Anne’s Road, Winnipeg.

The program is divided into female and male skill sessions. For females born between 2010-2013, sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays from 6-8 pm and Sundays from 2-4 pm. Females born between 2007-2009 have their sessions on Tuesdays from 8-10 pm and Sundays from 4-6 pm. For males born between 2011-2013, sessions are on Thursdays from 6-8 pm and Sundays from 6-8 pm. Males born between 2008-2010 will attend on Thursdays from 8-10 pm and Sundays from 8-10 pm.

The cost of the program is $200, and participants are required to bring basketball shoes, a basketball, and a water bottle. Registration can be completed at THIS LINK and payments must be e-transferred to before the first session, referencing the player’s name in any e-transfer.

Summit Basketball is dedicated to teaching, developing, organizing, and managing youth basketball players, ensuring they learn fundamental skills while embracing values such as character, teamwork, discipline, respect, and sportsmanship.

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