Winnipeg Wesmen alumni and professional basketball player Jelane Pryce has just announced his new online mental performance program, tailored for competitive high school basketball boys aged 14-18.

This program is called "The 'Complete' Athlete Level-1" suitable for intermediate level players and combines mental performance with skill development. The program was created with the help of Mental Health expert Gillian Wells.

Jelane is providing a free basketball guide (based on athlete self-report data) to learn why only one percent of players become elite (play professionally). 

The 100-page free basketball guide is the framework of the foundational mental performance program, and it includes:

  • 5 ways to immediately improve confidence in your child.
  • The 4 biggest reasons why athletes quit
  • The 4 biggest reasons why athletes persevere to succeed 
  • What the #1 skill in basketball is, and why 
  • How to determine what confidence issue might be holding back your child 
  • What is mental performance, and how does it lead to more consistent play 
  • How good/bad beliefs are formed in basketball
  • How athletes can form optimal beliefs for improved dedication and perseverance

Once you sign up to access the free guide below, you will be redirected to the mental training program to learn how your child can normalize extraordinary play in the game of basketball!

Access the free basketball guide now to learn how easy it is for your child to dominate in competitive basketball is at: 

P.S. Limited spots available to become a trial member. Jelane is only accepting 25 participants for 68% off the normal price. Claim your child's spot now before they fill up!

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