Today, on the Basketball Manitoba Podcast, we have a unique guest, Mr. David Asper.

Many of you may have heard that name before and are surprised because you didn’t know he played basketball. Well, he hasn’t. 

David is a prominent Winnipeg businessman and lawyer. He is best known for his significant community contributions and entrepreneurial ventures. 

He’s served significant roles as Chair of the Asper Foundation and Dean of the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law.  He is a Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for community service and was Appointed Queen’s Counsel in Manitoba. He is a member of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Hall of Fame, Class of 2017.

His list of activities and accolades is vast. However, he is joining us today to share the story of how he brought the Winnipeg Sea Bears and professional basketball back to Winnipeg. 

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