Deadline to Nominate Friday, February 23: Monday, February 26 at 12 noon Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce the details of its Basketball Manitoba Awards as part of the 2023-24 basketball season.  Basketball Manitoba is asking all basketball coaches at the Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls levels (A to AAAA) to submit names to be considered for this year's 'All-Manitoba' teams.  These submissions must be in by noon on Friday, February 23  Monday, February 26. The Basketball Manitoba Awards (BMAs) annually recognize athletes and coaches from around Manitoba for their outstanding achievements over the course of the basketball season.  The voting and nomination procedures will see voting open to ALL basketball coaches in Manitoba.  

The names submitted will be added to the 'All-Manitoba Ballots,' which will be available on the Basketball Manitoba website the week of March 4.  All active Manitoba basketball coaches will be invited to vote for the All-Manitoba Teams, the All-Star Teams, and Player of the Year awards.   All coaches can also nominate athletes for the Carl Ridd Award, the Ron Meyers Leadership Award, Morris Glimcher Scholarship and coaches for the Coach of the Year, Jim Bulloch, Mike Spack Awards and other special recognition awards.

These nominations will also assist Basketball Manitoba in selecting players for consideration for the Graduating All-Star Games in April. Feel free to nominate as many athletes as you wish to a maximum of 20 names.

The winners will be announced at the Basketball Manitoba Awards, which is scheduled for Saturday, April 13, 2024.  Basketball Manitoba will continue with a number of changes made in 2023 for 2024, including...
  • All Graduating All-Star Games will be hosted at the Sport Manitoba Courts at 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg.  
  • AAAA Varsity Boys and AAAA Varsity Girls games will both begin at 10:00 am and be run simultaneously on Courts 2 and 3.  
  • A - AAA Varsity Boys and A - AAA Varsity Girls games will both begin at 12:00 pm and be run simultaneously on Courts 2 and 3.  
  • All-Star Games will be played using a "Target Score" system where the game clock will be stopped and remain off at the first interruption (violation, foul, score) with less than 4 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter.  A Target Score of the leading team's points scored so far PLUS 9 points will be determined with the winning team being the first to reach the Target Score (i.e., the Game score at 4 min stoppage is 80-75, the Target Score will be 89 points).  
  • The Basketball Manitoba Awards will follow from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Alloway Hall, which is located in the Manitoba Museum (across the street from Sport Manitoba), with a food and drink reception to follow the theatre-style award ceremony. 
  • A new change for 2024 will see three independent "All-Manitoba Teams" for boys and girls announced at each level instead of the combined "A, AA, AAA" grouping to join the "AAAA All-Manitoba Team."  
Basketball Manitoba is also seeking interest from the base of active high school basketball coaches in Manitoba to help serve on its Selection and Planning Committee.  If interested, please contact Adam Wedlake at  

Please complete the form below to submit names to the list before Friday, February 23, 202Monday, February 26 at 12 noon.

Can't see the below form?  CLICK HERE to view it in another window.

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