Manitoba's basketball landscape is ablaze with excitement as it witnesses an extraordinary 23% year-over-year growth in participation across all age groups and genders.  This surge, propelled by the establishment of the Winnipeg Sea Bears professional basketball team, the stellar success of Team Canada at the FIBA World Cup and a continued rebound from the pandemic, underscores the sport's burgeoning popularity in the province.  

The work to manage this growth is shouldered and supported by the many volunteer-driven basketball associations, leagues, and clubs that make up the Basketball Manitoba membership in delivering the basketball experience to the new and returning players, coaches, and officials.  Without the broad framework of the basketball delivery system in Manitoba, none of this new growth would be realized.  

The Winnipeg Sea Bears, in their inaugural season, have captured not only victories on the court but also the hearts of fans, serving as aspirational figures for young talents.  Their influence, coupled with Team Canada's global triumphs, has ignited a basketball renaissance in Manitoba, fostering a sense of community pride and unity.

However, amidst this positive growth, the basketball community needs help meeting the increased demand for coaches, referees, and facilities.  The strain on these essential elements underscores the need for more individuals to step up and actively support the sport's continued expansion.

"We celebrate the tremendous growth in basketball participation and know that with the Sea Bears becoming an integral part of the basketball community, along with increased success for our national basketball teams at the international levels, the future of basketball in Manitoba is bright!" said Basketball Manitoba President Sara Gillis.  She added, "We must also acknowledge the strain on crucial elements like coaches, referees, and facilities.  We encourage basketball community members to consider taking up roles as coaches or referees to help nurture and sustain this remarkable growth."

"We could not be more excited to see the growth of this amazing sport in our province.  Basketball provides countless benefits for children and youth, and we're fortunate to have played a small part in inspiring more kids to participate.  Basketball Manitoba and its members have done a tremendous job overseeing the game and its well-being.  We remain focused on working with them and doing our part to give more people the opportunity to learn and play," said Jason Smith, President of the Winnipeg Sea Bears

"Basketball continues to see tremendous growth in Canada, and following inspiring international performances from our men's and women's national team programs, as well as the success of the Winnipeg Sea Bears inaugural season, the game will undoubtedly continue to experience a rise in participation and popularity across Manitoba," said Michael Bartlett, President & CEO of Canada Basketball.  He added, "On behalf of Canada Basketball, I'd like to commend the entire Manitoba basketball community for their efforts, and we look forward to continuing to work together to grow the game across the province."

Basketball Manitoba emphasizes the importance of community involvement to ensure that the sport remains accessible and enjoyable for all.  Aspiring coaches and referees are welcomed and vital to maintaining the positive momentum basketball has gained in the province.

As we revel in the achievements of Manitoba basketball, let us collectively work towards strengthening the foundation of the sport by fostering a supportive community of coaches, referees, and facilities.

Below, you can find an infographic that shows a breakdown of where some of this growth is occurring.  The source of the information comes from internal registration data along with submissions from member clubs and leagues.  

For those interested in getting involved, please check out the options and details shown here...

For more information, please contact: 

Adam Wedlake
Executive Director
Basketball Manitoba

Stefania Lasuik
Directors, Communications & Marketing
Winnipeg Sea Bears

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