Chad Posthumus and AJ Hess headed to CEBL Clash on Saturday, August 26

Two Winnipeg Sea Bears will represent the West Team at the CEBL Clash later this month in Québec City. Winnipegger and Sea Bears captain Chad Posthumus will join teammate AJ Hess at the game meant to exhibit high-level CEBL talent.

The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) announced the 10-man rosters Friday for the East and West teams taking part in the Clash. The Clash is a showcase game featuring 20 players from around the league scheduled for Saturday, August 26 at 2 p.m. at Videotron Centre. 

All 10 CEBL franchises will be represented at the game, including four players from the Montréal Alliance, three from the Calgary Surge, two from the Brampton Honey Badgers, Ottawa BlackJacks, Scarborough Shooting Stars, Vancouver Bandits and Winnipeg Sea Bears, and one from the Edmonton Stingers, Niagara River Lions and Saskatchewan Rattlers.

Team East, coached by Chris Exilus of the 2023 CEBL Champion Shooting Stars, includes two of Scarborough’s newly crowned CEBL champion players Kyree Walker and Elijah Lufile, three Québec-born Alliance stars in Nathan Cayo, Elijah Ifejeh and Alain Louis, All-Canadian Jackson Rowe from the Blackjacks, and CEBL All-Star and the league’s first player to reach 1,000 career points, Ahmed Hill of the Alliance.

Team West, led by Nelson Terroba of this year’s CEBL Western Conference Champions, features three of Calgary’s stars in All-Canadian Sean Miller-Moore, Terry Henderson Jr., and Montreal native Jordy Tshimanga. Meshack Lufile of the Stingers will also suit up as a member of Team West and take on his brother Elijah.

The full team rosters of players scheduled to appear are as follows:


#0      Jahvon Blair                 Niagara River Lions

#8       Nathan Cayo               Montréal Alliance

#9       Ahmed Hill                   Montréal Alliance

#14     Maxime Boursiquot   Ottawa BlackJacks

#16     Kyree Walker               Scarborough Shooting Stars

#21     Elijah Ifejeh                   Montréal Alliance

#23    Alain Louis                    Montréal Alliance

#30    Jackson Rowe            Ottawa BlackJacks

#32    Elijah Lufile                    Scarborough Shooting Stars

#54    Prince Oduro               Brampton Honey Badgers



#0       Sean Miller-Moore   Calgary Surge

#4        Cody John                    Brampton Honey Badgers

#6        Alex Campbell            Vancouver Bandits

#11        Terry Henderson Jr.  Calgary Surge

#13       Marlon Johnson Jr.   Vancouver Bandits

#15       Malik Benlevi                Saskatchewan Rattlers

#16       Meshack Lufile             Edmonton Stingers

#21       Chad Posthumus         Winnipeg Sea Bears

#30     AJ Hess                           Winnipeg Sea Bears

#32     Jordy Tshimanga        Calgary Surge


The CEBL Clash will be televised to a national audience on TSN live from Videotron Centre in Québec City. Tickets for the Clash are on sale now at . The game will also be available to stream on TSN+ and free on CEBL+ Powered by BetVictor.

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