Basketball Manitoba hosted its 47th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 13, and the evening saw the election for its Board of Directors for the upcoming 2023-24 year.  The meeting that was held virtually online saw the re-election of James Dark, Sara Gillis, Michele Sung, Carter Chen and Michael Weekes, each to another 2-year term being elected by the membership.  All positions are 2-year terms.  Following the AGM, the new Board met and appointed Sara Gillis as the new President of Basketball Manitoba.  Ross Wedalke, who has held that position since 2013, will be moving into the "Past President" role for the upcoming year to finish his term on the Board of Directors. The other executive members that were reappointed to their positions were Mike Weekes in the role of Vice President and James Dark in the role of Treasurer.  Sara becomes the 8th person and the first female who has taken the helm of the organization since Basketball Manitoba was incorporated in 1976.  

Past Presidents of Basketball Manitoba

  • 1976- 1978        Aaron Wolinsky
  • 1978 -1982        Ralph Watts
  • 1982- 1985        Bill Wedlake
  • 1985-1995         Tom Kendall
  • 1995-1999         Orton Harrison
  • 2000-2013        Joe DiCurzio
  • 2013-2023        Ross Wedlake
  • 2023-present     Sara Gillis

Basketball Manitoba would like to congratulate Sara on her new position with the organization and thank Ross for his tremendous commitment and time as volunteer President for the past decade!  THANK YOU, ROSS!

The full Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors for 2023-24 will be... (VIEW BOARD BIOS)
  • Sara Gillis - President
  • Ross Wedlake - Past President
  • Mike Weekes - Vice President
  • James Dark - Treasurer
  • Varinder Brar - Director
  • Carter Chen - Director
  • Arlyn Filewich - Director
  • Chiranjit Goswami - Director
  • Kirby Schepp - Director
  • Michele Sung - Director
The meeting also saw the formal presentation of the 2022-23 Basketball Manitoba Audited Financial Statement and a number of other reports from the Directors and Staff.  All documents presented at the AGM can be found below.

To close the evening, the group openly discussed the current state of high school basketball in Manitoba. 

The meeting was attended by representatives from...
  • Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association
  • Peg City Basketball Association
  • Brandon University
  • University of Manitoba
  • Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials
  • Manitoba Wheelchair Sport Association
  • Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Council
  • Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Junior Bison Basketball Club
  • Winnipeg Wolves Basketball Club
  • Crossover Basketball Club
  • Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors
  • Basketball Manitoba Staff
  • Along with other individuals from the Manitoba basketball community
You can view the entire AGM Package that was distributed electronically at the meeting by CLICKING HERE...
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