The Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) basketball season played eight regular season games in 2022-23. The Coach of the Year award winners led their teams to a strong season finish and prepare for the MCAC Championship weekend, which runs on February 10 and 12 and is hosted by Canadian Mennonite University (CMU).

2022-23 Women’s Basketball Coach of the Year: Joel Coursey – Providence University College (PUC) Pilots

Joel Coursey – 11th season: Guided the Pilots to second place regular season record of 4-4; ended the regular season on two-game winning streak; two All-Conference players on roster

“Joel has successfully implemented a new system for the team, which has rejuvenated the players throughout the roster. The players have really bought in to the full team system and love putting forth a full-game effort. It hasn't resulted in more wins against the top team in CMU but the score lines are certainly closer this year than in years past. Joel also just had his 100th college career win in their last regular season game.”– Scott Masterson, PUC Pilots Vice President Operations, Director of Athletics

2022-23 Men’s Basketball Coach of the Year: Pierre Dubreuil – Providence University College (PUC) Pilots

Pierre Dubreuil
– 5th season: Guided the Pilots to first place with a perfect 8-0 regular season record; eight-game winning streak; two All-Conference players on the roster with one co-Player of the Year

"Pierre has been instrumental in the success of our men's basketball program. He has set a professional standard for his players and coaching staff and communicates clear expectations throughout the season. 2021-22 was the first MCAC championship in roughly 20 years for Providence, and they just finished the 2022-23 season with an undefeated record."– Scott Masterson, PUC Pilots Vice President Operations, Director of Athletics

2023 MCAC Basketball Championship

Hosted by: Canadian Mennonite University (CMU); Central Time listed

Friday, February 10

6 p.m.                        Semi Final: #3 USB Les Rouges vs. #2 PUC Pilots (women)

8 p.m.                        Semi Final: #3 USB Les Rouges vs. #2 CMU Blazers (men)

Sunday, February 12

6 p.m.                        Women’s Championship Final: #1 CMU Blazers vs. Semi Final winner

8 p.m.                        Men’s Championship Final: #1 PUC Pilots vs. Semi Final winner


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