Peg City Basketball has announced a NEW developmental house league that it will be offering this Fall for boys currently in grades 5-10.  There will be three registration intake periods for the new "Future Stars" basketball program:

September 2022 (October-November): We are excited to offer players another option if they didn't receive a call back for any club team tryouts this fall. We would also love to see competitive community players looking for further training and gameplay from an experienced coaching staff. 

December 2022 (January-March): We are excited to offer players another option for development who didn't make their school team tryouts. We would also love to see any competitive community players looking for further training and gameplay from an experienced coaching staff.

March 2023 (April-June): Open to all players looking for additional training and gameplay. 


  • Registration Fees: $390
  • Teams will have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 registered players on each team. The registration deadline is September 21st, 2022
  • Included in the Peg City registration fees are the following: 
    • 11 practices with our experienced coaching staff and high-level student-athlete mentors (Wednesdays)
    • 6 Regular Season, Elam Ending games (Saturday Evenings)
    • Playoff Tournament (Elam Ending) 
    • *Uniforms will be supplied and required to hand back* all Players will receive a League T-Shirt
    • High-quality gymnasiums (Sport for Life Centre, Dakota Fieldhouse, Colleges and High Schools)
    • Certified Referees (Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials)
    • Social Media --> Follow us @PegCityBall on Instagram for game highlights
    • No admission charge for any WMBA-hosted events


  • 11 practices on Wednesday evenings
  • 6 games plus playoffs on Saturday evenings


  • FIBA playing rules, all games are determined by the Elam Ending
  • Three 8-minute quarters (stop time), fourth quarter Elam Ending implemented at the 4-minute mark. 

What is the Elam Ending? 

The Elam Ending differs from a traditional basketball game conclusion in that the game ends when the first team reaches a set target score as opposed to when the fourth quarter or overtime period is over. The shot clock is still enforced and every game ends on a winning basket, which could be a field goal of any kind (two-point or three-point) or a free throw. 

When does it happen in the Future Stars League (FSL)? 

Every FSL game across the regular season and playoffs concludes with an Elam Ending. The first three quarters follow normal FIBA rules, slated at 8 minutes each, but with the first stoppage of play at or beyond the 4:00 minute mark of the 4th quarter of each game, timed play will end, and a target score will be set, equal to the leading team’s score plus nine (9). 

Example: At the stoppage, if the game’s score is 77-71, then the target score after adding 9 points is 86. If the game is tied at the time of the stoppage, the first team to score nine points will win the game. If the first stoppage at/under 4:00 is a foul shot resulting in free throws, the free throw(s) will be administered before setting the target score.  

Why is the Elam Ending effective?

The Elam Ending effectively limits excessive fouling and the need for rushed possessions when teams are trailing in the latter stages of the game, providing a better-flowing, fast-paced conclusion. The format also emphasizes the excitement surrounding the finish as a shot of some kind, as opposed to the buzzer, will always end the game.

Who invented the Elam Ending?

The Elam Ending was created by Nick Elam, a university professor at Ball State University. Prior to being adopted by the CEBL for the full 2020 season, the format had been popularized in The Basketball Tournament (TBT), a single-elimination tournament based in the United States, as well as by the NBA as the adapted format for its All-Star Game since 2019. 


(create a RAMP account, add family members, choose "register as a participant")

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