The Sport Manitoba Performance Sport Speed/Power Camp is an 8-week summer program designed specifically to improve all the components of speed and agility involved in team sports.

These include: linear speed which can be further broken down into acceleration (starting speed) and absolute speed (top-end speed), multidirectional speed and quickness which is further broken down into change of direction (predetermined pattern) and agility (change of direction with a read and reaction component) and finally energy system development or conditioning.

The goal of the program is to improve all aspects of speed and agility to help our athletes improve their on-field, on-court or on-ice performance. There will be a strength training component to this program because a solid base of strength is foundational to developing speed and agility for not only producing force but also absorbing the forces of running, stopping, starting, cutting and jumping.

Athletes will be tested at the beginning, middle and end of the program to monitor results and adjust training plans as necessary and provide a speed, jump and strength profile for each athlete along with training recommendations after the camp is completed. 

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  • The camp runs for 10 weeks, 3 times a week.
  • Times are booked on a semi-private training schedule to better meet the needs of an individual athlete's busy schedule.


Sport Manitoba Performance (L3 - 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg)


$450.00 + GST/athlete

Athlete to Coach Ratio

The camp has a 5:1 athlete-to-coach ratio to maximize learning and results. If there are more than 10 athletes interested, we will start a waiting list. If the waiting list has 6-10 athletes on it, we will open another training time to have a second training group. We will always maintain a 5:1 athlete-to-coach ratio or better for our camps and small group programs.




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