Evolve Basketball Development has announced its summer basketball camp opportunities offering student-athletes who are seeking to maximize their basketball potential.  We provide programming to the province of Manitoba’s beginner to elite level basketball players. Our focus is to develop global basketball players as we feel this is the direction of basketball in our country and across the world.

With us, you will learn, grow, Evolve.


Evolve Basketball Development is excited to share our plans for our upcoming Summer Camps for 2022. Come explore and practice team and individual skill development concepts in a fun, up-tempo and challenging working environment. Programming will be formed to fit the needs of the age and skill level of all camp participants. Evolve Basketball Development will ensure the growth and development of our student’s skills and attitudes towards the game of basketball.

Week 1 – July 4th to 8th

  • 9AM – 12PM Grades 5-8
  • 1PM – 4PM  Grades 9-12

Week 2 – July 11th to 15th

  • 9AM – 12PM Grades 1-6
  • 1PM – 4PM Grades 7-12

Cost for each camp session is $190.00 + GST.



All of our camp programs are developed following the Long Term Athlete Development model developed by Sport Canada.  The goal of our camps is to further develop young athletes to engage in lifelong health-enhancing physical activity.  We also push those who have the drive and talent to have the best level of success in basketball.

Grades 1-5

Campers in this age group will explore movement and fundamental skills for success in basketball.  Body stability and control, locomotor skills, and manipulative skills will be practiced in a fun and engaging learning environment.  Individual practice time, stations, and simple, cooperative, fun and low-organization games will be used to explore the fundamentals of basketball.

Grades 6-9

Campers in this age group will further develop their movement and fundamental skills for success in basketball.  At this point in their development, there is an increased emphasis on technical and decision-making skills.  Developmentally appropriate strategies will be used to allow young athletes to play the game or compete with a growing understanding of the sport’s formations.

Grades 10-12

In this camp, athletes will continue to develop decision-making skills as well as refine specific technical and tactical skills for success in basketball.  Athletes will be trained as global basketball players and will play all offensive and defensive positions throughout the camp.  Tactics will be explored to adjust to the opposition’s approach.  All opportunities to develop skills will be applied in practice and competitive settings.

If you have any questions about our summer camps please direct questions to nicholas@evolvebasketball.ca

Source: https://winnipegsportinstitute.com/evolvebasketballdevelopment/

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