The Providence Pilots Men's Basketball team has announced the addition of Ethan Tomlinson to their roster. Ethan, who plays for the Niverville Panthers, will get to play next door in the Niverville Rec. Center, when he flies with the Pilots this fall. Ethan is a hard worker with a desire to improve. Tomlinson competes hard and asks questions to better his understanding of the game.

“I am honoured to be a part of the providence basketball team. This team has many talented players alongside an outstanding coach. I am going to use this opportunity to not only become a better basketball player and excel at this level, but also create a great experience with my new teammates. I am looking forward to starting my Pilots journey along with all the new things that I’m going to learn!” Ethan Tomlinson

“Ethan is a very explosive player who plays bigger than he is. He patrolled the paint very well by owning the boards and blocking or altering many shots. He is humble; striving to constantly improve all aspects of his game. His ability to focus on the next play allows him to play with a mental maturity beyond his years by embracing what he can do to make an impact to help his team. His attitude and skill have made him an invaluable contributor on our team this past season. I look forward to seeing him continue to develop his character and skills with the Pilots!” Panthers Head Coach, Richard Toews

“There are certain players that have determination, that have and understand what work ethic truly means. There are certain players that fully buy in and understand what it takes to make a dream no longer a dream, to make it a reality. Ethan Tomlinson is this certain player. I am so proud to have been a part of this young man’s journey, and even more excited to see him in a Pilots uniform.” Aim High Basketball Academy Coach, Mike Page

“Ethan made a strong impression on me during our ID camp. He competed hard against all the players and detached himself from the group with a combative spirit. He also had the occasion to scrimmage against our current players and showed real maturity in his game. It is clear that Ethan wants to grow in his skills and contribute to a team on and off the court. I’m very excited that he chose the Pilots for the next chapter of his life! As a redshirt, he will have the chance to learn from his peers at the guard position and develop his game to be ready for the college level.” Pierre Dubreuil

Ethan will enter the Buller School of Business this fall.


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