By Mattew Koenig

This is a resource for teachers or coaches to implement Alliance Athletics style training into games or activities to develop training adaptations that athletes get from or programming.

While it is our belief that athletes should be educated on how to train and manage their bodies, it is also the case that in some instances there is also a need to implement some of the principles WITHOUT the athletes knowing they are actually training specific qualities. Fun and engaging methods are never not effective when working with athletes or students of all ages!

This article might be periodically updated and added to as we get more good ideas so feel free to suggest any other good ideas after reading through this resource. 

We have a coaches folder as well that we have created to help support team coaches, which will have some resources including station cards, posters and more! Reach out to me (email below) if you would like access to the folder!

Below I will outline a few games, activities, movement breaks and frameworks for you to use with your team or class.


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