Richter Scale Basketball has announced it is introducing Personal Professional Coaching. Coach Grant Richter will personally guide young athletes & their parents through the necessary steps to develop elite level basketball skills.  Limited spaces are available. 

Personal Professional Coaching includes: 

  • Skill assessment
  • Skill Coaching designed specifically for individual players, age & skill level
  • Developing next level 1 on 1 skills
  • Progression to 2 on 2 training
  • Progression to 3 on 3 training
  • Developing Athletic abilities
  • Personalized home skill workout plan
  • Player mentorship
  • Parent meetings

E-mail for pricing & registration details.

BIOGRAPHY: Coach Richter has coached basketball in the province of Manitoba since 1983.  Grant has coached all levels including grassroots, Winnipeg Minor Basketball, Rising Stars League, Junior High, High School, College (MCAC), University (CIS), and professional (IBA).

In the 90’s Grant served as an assistant coach with the University of Winnipeg Wesmen.  In 1996, Grant joined the Winnipeg Cyclone as an assistant coach and was promoted to head coach in 2000.  In his time with the Cyclone, Grant had the benefit of being mentored by legendary coach Bill Klucas and NBA legend Darryl Dawkins.

Grant currently coaches his 13–14-year-old Girls WMBA basketball team out of Oxford Heights Community Club.

Grant's education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree (Kinesiology) from the University of Winnipeg, and a Masters of Education degree (Sport Coaching) from the University of Victoria.  Grant has also completed his NCCP level 4 at the National Coaching Institute in Winnipeg.

Please note that the above basketball program has been approved by Basketball Manitoba as part of the Return to Basketball Plan.  The camp will be following the details showed in the plan and will be abiding by the current basketball phase if basketball is to be permitted at the time of the program.  All participants (players, coaches, volunteers and parents/caregivers) are expected to follow the new safety guidelines as detailed.  More information can be found HERE.

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