Professional basketball player Emily Potter has announced a new summer basketball camp experience for female athletes looking to advance to the next level of the game.  The four day camp will run August 9-12 at the SPort Manitoba Courts, 145 Pacific Ave in Winnipeg at a cost of $200 per player.  Details Clyde…


  • DATES & TIMES: August 9-12th every evening from 6-9pm
  • LOCATION: Sport Manitoba Courts (aka Sport for Life Centre), 145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg
  • COST: $200.00 per player


The goal of this camp is to take the girls through what it is like to play at the D1 level, providing knowledge of how to excel both on and off the court to start them on the path to their goals to play post-secondary.

Players will learn the standard of play and conduct expected at a high level. This camp will be intense, but more so mentally than physically. Yes, lots of basketball will be practiced, but I also know provincial tryouts are that weekend, so I want all players to be prepared and be able to implement what they have learned in that setting as well. 

Every day will have a different focus – but each practice will have lots of basketball drills and competition as well*

  • Monday = Prepare – everything off the court that makes a difference
  • Tuesday = Visualize – harnessing the mental side of our game
  • Wednesday = Train – conditioning built into practice and lots of skill work
  • Thursday = Compete – lots of competitive drills and game scenarios

This camp will feature guest speakers and guest coaches throughout the camp who excel in these different focus areas.

A minimum of 9 hours will be on court basketball work, with workshops, speakers, and other workouts making up the other 3 hours of camp for a total of 12 hours over four days.


  • Have dreams of playing college, university, or D1 level
  • Are a self-motivated athlete
  • Eager to learn more both on and off the court to help your game
  • Have a good Basketball IQ (able to understand and implement taught skills and concepts into drills & game play)
QUESTIONS:  Contact Emily at with any questions.




Please note that the above basketball program has been approved by Basketball Manitoba as part of the Return to Basketball Plans.  All participants (players, coaches, volunteers and parents/caregivers) are expected to follow the new safety guidelines as detailed.  More information can be found HERE.  

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