Evolve Basketball Development has announced its Co-Ed Summer Basketball Camps.  Come explore and practice team and individual skill development concepts in a fun, up-tempo and challenging working environment.  

Programming will be individualized to fit the needs of beginner to competitive male and female basketball players from 13 to 18 years old.  

It is the belief that the summer months should always be used to evolve your basketball skills in order to better contribute to the teams you will be playing on in the fall.  Evolve Basketball Development will ensure the growth and development of our student’s skills and attitudes toward the game of basketball.  

If interested in learning, growing and Evolving your game this summer please visit http://www.winnipegsportinstitute.com and visit the Evolve Basketball Development Programs page to register. 

Please note that the above basketball program has been approved by Basketball Manitoba as part of the Return to Basketball Plan.  The camp will be following the details showed in the plan and will be abiding by the current basketball phase if basketball is to be permitted at the time of the program.  All participants (players, coaches, volunteers and parents/caregivers) are expected to follow the new safety guidelines as detailed.  More information can be found HERE.

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