In light of the news announced on Thursday, May 27, 2021 by the Province of Manitoba tied to the ongoing global pandemic, all public health orders that are currently in effect will remain under the same status until for at least 2 more weeks beginning this Saturday.  This will keep all levels of basketball in Manitoba in a shutdown mode of all indoor and outdoor operations (games, practices, training, in-person meetings, etc.).

Casual or pick up basketball at outdoor public courts in Manitoba must also follow these changes and can only invovle those residing in the same residence only.  These changes will also formally cancel the  2021 Manitoba Basketball 3x3 Championships that are traditionally held in the middle of June.    

The sport of basketball in Manitoba will remain in this state, or at "Canada Basketball Return to Basketball - Phase 0", until at least SaturdayJune 12, 2021 or when the new health orders are updated or changed by Manitoba Public Health.  

More details on these changes can be found on the Province of Manitoba website.

This article will be updated as further information on these impacts are known.  

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