Basketball Manitoba has been receiving a number of inquires about access to outdoor basketball courts in Manitoba. The current Manitoba Public Health orders took effect on May 9, 2021 states...


  • 13(1) Subject to subsection (2), outdoor sporting and recreational facilities, including golf courses, may open, subject to the requirements of this section.
  • 13(3) Persons may engage in any type of outdoor sporting or recreational activity but they must not engage in an activity as part of a group of more than 5 persons.
  • 13(4) No organized team games are permitted at an outdoor sporting facility. 
  • 13(5) All persons engaged in an outdoor sporting or recreational activity must maintain a separation of at least two metres from other participants.
  • 13(6) No spectators are permitted at an outdoor sporting facility.





Q: Can we currently play pick up basketball games outdoors?

A: No.  Pick up or unorganized games would break the requirement to maintain social distancing as stated above.  

Q: Are masks required to be worn by players while at an outdoor basketball court?

A: Outdoors, no, however Manitoba Public Health is recommending people outdoors and around others to wear a mask. It’s a recommendation and not a mandate.

Q: Do we need to socially distance while at an outdoor basketball court?

A: Yes.  This makes playing a basketball games with others from 1 on 1 to 5 on 5 not possible at this time.  But you can still get in a shooting workout and working on fundamentals on your own or in a small group of 5 or less.

Q: What should I do if there are more than 5 people at a court at the same time?

Head home or find another court in the area that has fewer people.  The quicker that we can rid Covid from our lives the quicker we can get back to normal basketball!   

Q: Are all outdoor basketball courts now open?

A: They are able to open under the above health orders but still respect any signage saying otherwise and avoid using courts on school property during school hours to respect the safety of students at the school.  Some schools have moved to remote learning but there may still be some students in the school. Some school divisions, centra and parks may also restrict acces to their properties after hours. Please respect all local signage and restrictions.

Q: What if I see others playing basketball at a public outdoor basketball court or exceeding the 5 person group limit?

Basketball Manitoba doesn't own or manage any outdoor courts as they are mainly located on school, community / recreation centre property or in public parks so we are unable to enforce any of the above regulations.  Violations and concerns can be made to the Province of Manitoba's Covid Tip Line.   


Everyone needs to still follow the fundamental health guidelines of staying home if not feeling well, sanitize your hands and equipment before and after use, maintain social distancing and wear a mask where required.

Find an outdoor basketball court in Manitoba near you or submit data on one we are missing at

These health orders are scheduled to be reviewed / renewed by May 31 and may change with fewer or more restrictions so subscribe to our email newsletter below or follow us on social media to stay in the loop.  Stay safe!

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