While government restrictions are different all over the country, a common barrier many organizations have been facing is the inability to access facilities for on court play. One of the missions with the Jr. NBA Youth Basketball ("JNYB") program has, and always will be, to encourage activity and have as many players participating in structured basketball across the country. Taking all this into account, the Jr. NBA team is ready to launch a digital alternative to JNYB, called the Jr. NBA on HomeCourt ("JNHC") program.

JNHC will provide Hosts an opportunity to continue programming through virtual means, which will keep youth engaged in the sport, even while being away from the courts. The Jr. NBA team has curated a 5-week program for all athletes to complete, and the goal is to continue to build and develop the program to provide additional opportunities for athletes. Like JNYB, JNHC is a program in a box model to provide hosts everything they need to run a successful digital program.

HomeCourt is an interactive mobile basketball app that allows athletes to take their skills to the next level. HomeCourt will capture athletes performance and provide guided feedback to assist in their development. Additionally, all programming will run through HomeCourt for Teams which will allow participants to get better together, and bring back the community-based connections athletes have missed!

If you are interested in learning more about running a Jr. NBA on HomeCourt Program, you can contact the Jr. NBA Team by clicking the button below, or check out the JRNBA.CA website by clicking here. To learn more about HomeCourt, you can CLICK HERE.

Manitoba Contact - Jillian Kehler - jkehler@basketball.ca

*At this time the Jr. NBA on HomeCourt is only available to athletes with iOS 12.0 and up on Apple devices including iPhones & iPads.

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