To keep Manitobans safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19, Sport Manitoba and the Dauphin Host Society have announced that the Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro that were set to take place from August 9–15, 2020, have been postponed and will take place next summer in Dauphin from July 11–17, 2021.

After careful consideration of many factors, especially those surrounding the athletes and coaches Basketball Manitoba will be implementing the new age eligibility as seen here:


North, South, East, West Regions:
  • Age 17U - Born in 2004 or later
  • Roster of 12 athletes maximum
Winnipeg Region:
  • Age 16U - born in 2005 or later plus up to THREE, 17U athletes (born in 2004) per team
  • Roster of 12 athletes maximum

The North, South, East and West regions can carry a full roster of up to 12 athletes at ages 17U.  
The Winnipeg regions will be defined at 16U with the option to carry as many as THREE (3) 17U ages athletes for the 2020 Manitoba Games (hosted in 2021). 
Total team roster size may not exceed 12 total players.  

Participants must meet eligibility rules as outlined in the Manitoba Games Eligibility Policy.

Members of the 2021 Manitoba Provincial Team 

The Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro are staged every two years and alternate between summer and winter sporting events and are the largest ongoing multi-sport event in the province. The Games involve upwards of 3,000 athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, and represent an opportunity for young athletes to compete and prepare to reach national and international sporting stages.

The sports showcased at the 2021 Manitoba Games include: Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Cycling, Golf, Rugby, Sailing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Triathlon and Volleyball.

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