BECOME A BROADCASTER OR REQUEST VIDEO CREW: Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce its "Live Basketball" video network streaming service is back for its 3rd year after a year away due to the pandemic for the Manitoba basketball community at both the school and club levels of play.  Any basketball program based in Manitoba is welcome to apply to be granted the ability to stream its basketball games live using either a smartphone or tablet on the Internet using Basketball Manitoba's YouTube page.
The ability for a person to broadcast live on YouTube via a smartphone or tablet is limited to those who have a Google-based email account that has the 2-Step Verification enabled.  Basketball Manitoba currently has a YouTube account in good standing with over 29,000 subscribers and is granting the ability to gain access to it to those who apply and meet our minimum standards.  Not only will this allow you to broadcast from a smartphone or tablet with no additional hardware required, but all 29,000+ of the Basketball Manitoba YouTube subscribers will be notified of when your game goes live, greatly increasing your audience base that could tune into the broadcast.  All broadcasts will be connected to all other of Basketball Manitoba's social media pages (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) that currently have an additional reach of another 25,000+ people to automatically be made aware of your live stream.

As part of the Network, you will still need to provide your own smartphone or tablet, a tripod and have the current YouTube app installed on it (iOS or Android).  For those programs that qualify to join the Network, we will send you a smartphone or tablet tripod clip to allow you to safely connect your device to a tripod to make the streaming process more professional and efficient for your camera operator and more enjoyable to your viewers.  Basketball Manitoba will also provide a number of broadcasting tips and steps to ensure the highest quality production.

Those interested in gaining such access for their school or club can complete the below application form.

We have also set up an easy website address to be able to verbally or electronically share to point people to the live stream source...


A new addition to the Network is a service that will provide fully equipped and trained personnel to attend and broadcast select basketball games at a variety of levels. There will be no cost for the 2021-22 school basketball season for greater Winnipeg area schools to request this service to attend league or tournament games this season.  In order for your facility to be added to the list of potential locations we can visit, we ask that the below form (Option 2) be completed to ensure we receive the right permissions and are technologically able to stream from your facility.  

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Head to to learn more! 

HEALTH NOTE: All trained Video Crew members are currently double vaccinated and will wear a mask at all times while inside any basketball facility until further notice.  
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