The Manitoba Aboriginal Sports & Recreation Council invites you to the next offering of the NCCP Aboriginal Coaching Module on Friday, Nov. 29. 2019. This course is beneficial for anyone who is working with Indigenous Athletes in any context.

If this date does not work for your organization we are also able to host this course for private groups. You can contact me by email to arrange a date for your group.

Course Information:
  • Friday, November 29, 2019
  • 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Sport for Life Centre (145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg)
  • Theatre Room (Basement Level)
  • No cost for this course
  • Lunch will be provided
Please email to register

Course Details (From Coaching Canada)

Aboriginal Coaching Modules

The ACM is a professional development training tool for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal coaches who coach Aboriginal athletes, as they become certified through the NCCP. The material in the ACM has been developed to meet the following learning objectives:

The ACM is rolled out in 3 modules:

Module 1

Holistic Approach to Coaching encompasses a holistic approach to coaching which includes topics such as creating a positive environment, the Medicine Wheel, a coaching perspective: physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual aspects, values (the Four Pillars), coach-to-community relationships.

Module 2

Dealing with Racism in Sport encompasses issues on dealing with racism in sport including definitions that may be useful in the discussion of racism and knowing when to use the right word to describe what is happening in a certain situation, i.e. discrimination, racism, prejudice, stereotype, systemic discrimination. It also discusses how to respond to racism and the three choices of response, examples of coaches’ responses, organizational responses to racism, creating a positive environment, and coach-to-family relationships.

Module 3

Individual and Community Health and Wellness encompasses topics on lifestyle, health, and nutrition, and how to be familiar with the unique lifestyle, health situations, and challenges that Aboriginal youth may face. Topics in this chapter include: understanding the community where you coach, mental health, personal and community health practices, diet and nutrition, health conditions and diseases, and influencing change.
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