NABA Juvenile Team
By Rizza Valera

It was a rough start for NABA Winnipeg Basketball teams this year but once we got it going with two teams confirmed who trained hard and put a good fight.  With only 7 - 8 players on each team running out of oxygen against the teams they played they still held it together.

The Bantams level, who are first time players to NABA were shocked on the competitiveness that this tournament brings on to the Filipino community of North America.  Though they didn’t place, they are willing to come back and level up against the teams they come on the court against.  (Top 2 pictures, Bantam 2019)

Our Juvenile team found themselves in the quarter-finals, the second day which meant back to back games leaving them breathless in their against host city Washington DC.  If you were there, you would have walked away the first half down by 15 but having watched to the end, these boys fought and caught up to Washington.  The Juve’s came back but wasn’t enough to keep going losing by 6 points in the end.

Overall, both teams held their heads high and showed them that Winnipeg may have lost the battle but will continue to fight in the war.  ‘Til next years NABA tournament, Winnipeg will be back!

NABA Bantam Team
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