Are you looking to work towards your National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Train to Compete (T2C) certification? Join Canada Basketball from August 24th-28th at Humber College Lakeshore Campus in Etobicoke, Ontario for this year’s T2C Bootcamp. All three T2C modules (Strategies, Skills and Planning) will be offered, giving you the opportunity to complete your T2C modules in just one week. Register for any one, two, or three of the NCCP T2C courses for $325 each.  The Train to Complete certification level has replaced what was called NCCP Level 3 Technical, Theory and Practical. 

To register, go to  Below is the T2C Bootcamp schedule.

  1. Skills: Aug 24th 9am-7pm & Aug 25th 9am-4pm
  2. Strategies: Aug 26th 8:30am-9pm & Aug 27th 9am-4pm
  3. Planning: Aug 27th 4pm-7pm & Aug 28th 9am-7pm

For more information, please email
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