The WMBA is excited to be hosting a 3x3 basketball demonstration at the Corydon Community Centre Family BBQ on June 26th from 5:45 pm - 7:45 pm.  The demonstration will be led by some of the most experienced senior 3x3 players in the city including National Team member Wyatt Anders, Emily Potter, Carriera Lamoureux, Tianna Mighty, Katelin Thiessen, and Graham Bodnar. Wyatt and company will be teaching WMBA youth the basic rules and demonstrating how the game is played.

An open invitation to all WMBA teams of 4 players to register online to be a part of this exciting event. Teams will be mentored by the guest instructors while playing 3 x 10-minute games.

If you have a team (team of 4) interested in participating please email the team (ie. Corydon) and age group (ie. 11-12G), we are hoping to fill the following age groups:

  • 7-8 Co-Ed - FULL
  • 9-10 Girls - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • 9-10 Boys - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • 11-12 Girls - FULL
  • 13-14 Girls - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • 15-17 Girls - SPACE AVAILABLE


Lots to do between games...
The Corydon Family BBQ is a free event open to all families. Everyone will get a free hot dog and a drink and kids get freezies. There are bouncers, a giant slide, face painting, balloon animals, relay races, and carnival games onsite. The police and free bike registration will be there, as well as fire departments firehouse.  It is a great event with lots to see and do! The event will June June 26th from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm at 1170 Corydon Avenue.

3X3 local streets to the Olympics?...
3X3 is considered the number one urban team sport. 3x3 is simple and flexible enough to be played anywhere by anybody. All you need is a hoop, a half-court, and six players. The rules are very simple and designed to make it a fast, spectacular and exciting game. The non-stop music brings an authentic urban culture atmosphere, which attracts a new young audience to the games. On June 9, 2017, 3x3 was added to the Olympic Program, starting from the Tokyo 2020 Games. 

Coach/Mentor: Wyatt Anders (left), Team Canada.
Wyatt Anders was selected to the Canadian National 3x3 Basketball Team. Wyatt has competed at the World Stage most recently at the FIBA 3x3 World Cup Qualifier in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Wyatt will be onsite to help give back to the youth.

Coaches/Mentors: Emily Potter, Carriera Lamoureux, Tianna Mighty, Katelin Thiessen, and Graham Bodnar.

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