Basketball Manitoba has announced that it is now accepting applications for the 2020 Manitoba Games coaching positions.  The  Manitoba Games are being hosted in Dauphin, Manitoba in August 2020 and the basketball component will involve 8 male and 8 female teams at the 16U age level (born in 2004 or later).

Each of Manitoba's 5 regions (see below map) will create an 'All-Star' type team in the spring of 2020 to represent their region with the North and East regions creating 1 male and 1 female team each and the South, West and Winnipeg regions creating 2 male and 2 female teams each.  Successful coaches who are appointed a position as a coach in the Manitoba Games system will have their NCCP ‘Learn to Train’ TRAINED status certification provided to them at no cost ($300 value) plus be able to attend the 2019 Basketball Manitoba Super Coaches Clinic in October in Winnipeg at no cost (including all travel and accommodation expenses covered, a $200+ value).  The time frame for participation will include coach training through the fall/winter of 2019-20, regional identification camps in the Spring of 2020 and the final team preparations leading up to the Manitoba Games in Dauphin from August 9-15, 2020.  This base of coaches will also be groomed for future involvement in the Manitoba Provincial Team Program and the 16U age athletes in 2020 will be used as the training base for the 17U team for the 2021 Canada Games in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Interested candidates are to apply in writing before the deadline of October 15, 2019, in order to be considered.

The 2020 Manitoba Games will be using the new Sport Manitoba regional map which has seen the merger of the old "Westman" and "Parkland" regions into the new "West" region, the old "Central" and the southern portion of "Eastman" into the new "South" region and the northern portion of the old "Eastman" region joined with the old "Interlake" region to form the new "East" region.  Please note that the actual boundaries of the "Winnipeg" region are the city limits and not the Perimeter Highway.  Communities located just outside of the city will fall to their respective area region.

Details are below and at

  • North (1 team, 16U Male & 16U Female)
    • Head Coach; Assistant Coach; Manager per team
  • East (1 team, 16U Male & 16U Female)
    • Head Coach; Assistant Coach; Manager per team
  • South (2 teams 16U Male & 2 teams 16U Female)
    • Head Coach; Assistant Coach; Manager per team
  • West (2 teams 16U Male & 2 teams 16U Female)
    • Head Coach; Assistant Coach; Manager per team
  • Winnipeg (2 teams 16U Male & 2 teams 16U Female)
    • Head Coach; Assistant Coach; Manager per team

Head Coach; Assistant Coach; Manager
The positions are all 14-month appointments. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, designing and implementing all training and coaching related activities, scouting, practice and game management, updates with technical staff, scheduling, etc. Candidates should possess strong written and oral communication as well as organizational and management skills. A playing and/or
coaching background in the game is an asset. - VIEW MORE DETAILED RESPONSIBILITIES

Each team will formally begin their program in April 2020 with open tryouts and will operate regular training sessions throughout the spring and summer in their respective region and will participate in the Manitoba Games hosted in Dauphin, Manitoba, August 9-15, 2020.

These positions will be an extremely rewarding experience for successful coaching applicants meeting the following criteria:
  1. All coaches and managers must be age 18+ as of the opening of the Manitoba Games.   Teams can carry as many as 3 coaches (defined as HEAD coach, ASSISTANT coach and MANAGER). The Manager will fulfill any non-coaching needs including managing team arrangements, communications and other administrative tasks.  
  2. All HEAD and ASSISTANT coaches will be required to hold at a minimum their NCCP ‘Learn to Train’ TRAINED status by June 30, 2020. The MANAGER does not require any level of certification but is still subject to all other screening requirements.
  3. All coaches must complete the online Respect in Sport program prior to the start of the Games.  Those who had completed the RIS prior to 2016 will need to refresh their certification with the new course content.  
  4. All coaches must comply with all other coach screening requirements as defined by the Manitoba Games, Sport Manitoba and Basketball Manitoba.
  5. Male teams must have at minimum one male coach on their team roster and female teams must have at minimum one female coach on their team roster however it is strongly recommended that there be at least two coaches of the same gender of the team on the coaching staff.  These coaches must be present at all games and practices leading up to both the regional qualifiers and the Manitoba Games themselves.

Coaches can either apply as a 'team' or individually

Application for Consideration

Please apply in writing with a cover letter, coaching resume which includes your basketball, coaching experience and coaching education and coaching resume by October 15, 2019 to…

Jillian Kehler, Program Coordinator
Basketball Manitoba
145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2Z6
Fax: 204-925-5929

While we encourage Head & Assistant Coaches to apply as a team, individual applications will be accepted for consideration.  Please ensure your preference of REGION and coaching GENDER in your application.  Please note that the selection of successful candidates will not necessarily be limited to those who apply.  We thank all interest in the positions and only those shortlisted for a position will be contacted.

Further Information

For further information please contact Jillian Kehler

More basketball information on the Manitoba Games Program

General information on the Games can be found at...

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