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    April 13, 2019

    EVENT SOLD OUT: Basketball Manitoba Awards Event and Ticket Sales Announced for April 13, 2019

    WATCH LIVE ONLINE: Basketball Manitoba will be live streaming all 4 All-Star Games from St. Paul's High School PLUS the Basketball Manitoba Awards Banquet on its website.  The schedule for the day is in the below image.  Each feed will go live just minutes before the game or award presentations begin.  Be sure to refresh the video page if the video does not begin at the game or awards start time.  View the feeds by clicking on the below logo or at

    The All-Manitoba Banquet will begin a live broadcast on Saturday, April 13, 2019, at 2:00 pm CST.  The video will go live at 2:00 pm, then be stopped shortly after the introduction of the Graduating All-Star Game rosters.  The video will be stopped over the lunch and then resumed again after 3:00 pm.


    Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce the details for the annual Basketball Manitoba Awards that are set for Saturday, April 13, 2019, the Victoria Inn Hotel and at St. Paul's High School in Winnipeg.  The event will feature players and coaches at the high school basketball level from this past year who had outstanding seasons.  The day features the boys and girls A - AAA and AAAA Graduating All-Star games and a banquet to announce and present the Players of the Year, All-Manitoba Teams, Coaches of the Year, Carl Ridd, Mike Spack, Jim Bulloch, Ron Meyers, Donovan Gayle, Morris Glimcher and Lena Wenke Awards and other special recognition awards.  Deadline to reserve your banquet tickets is Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at noon.  

    Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019
    Location for Games: St. Paul’s High School, 2200 Grant Ave, Winnipeg (SCHOOL MAP)
    Location for Banquet: Victoria Inn Hotel, 1808 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg (BANQUET MAP
    All-Star Game & Banquet Times:
    • 10:00 am – A, AA, AAA Girls Game
    • 11:30 am – A, AA, AAA Boys Game
    • 2:00 pm – All-Manitoba Banquet at Victoria Inn Hotel - Menu below (Dress Code: Semi-Formal)
    • 5:45 pm – AAAA Girls Game
    • 7:15 pm – AAAA Boys Game 
    Banquet tickets are $45.00 each.  Ticket reservations must be made in advance through the Basketball Manitoba website.  A maximum of 352 seats are available - reserve yours today to avoid disappointment as it always sells out!  The deadline to reserve tickets is Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at noon.  

    There is no cost to attend the All-Star Games at St. Paul's High School themselves.  

    All-Manitoba Banquet Menu (Buffet Style)
    • HOT DISHES: English Style Beef and Southern Fried Chicken, Chef's Choice Hot Potato and Hot Vegetable
    • COLD DISHES: Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Tossed Garden Salad, Italian Pasta Salad, Vegetable and Relish Tray
    • DESSERT: Assorted Dainties and Trifles
    • DRINKS: Unlimited Pop, Coffee and Tea
    • Those with allergies or food sensitivities can speak with the designated hotel staff person located near the food tables to discuss any specifics tied to ingredients.  

    Basketball Manitoba Awards Coaches Social 

    Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019

    Time: Conclusion of AAAA Boys All-Star Game
    Location: St. Paul’s High School, 2200 Grant Ave, Winnipeg (SCHOOL MAP)


    To view this information properly on a smartphone, rotate your device to a 'landscape' position to see all the data.  

    Players selected for the Graduating All-Star Games are asked to be at St. Paul's High School 30 minutes prior to their scheduled game and are asked to bring BOTH their light AND dark school jersey and shorts to the game.  Players who are attending the Basketball Manitoba Awards Banquet must reserve tickets on or before Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at noon.

    All attempts have been made to ensure accuracy on name spelling.  Please report any errors to Adam Wedlake at and they will be corrected!


    2019 Basketball Manitoba Awards
    Graduating All-Star Teams
    7:15 PM Game
    AAAA Boys Manitoba Graduating All-Star Selections
    Team Under Armour - Light Jerseys
    Asher WoodSt. John's High School
    Chris GatchalianGarden City Collegiate
    Donald StewartVincent Massey Collegiate
    Jackson TachinskiVincent Massey Collegiate
    Kalen ReyesGarden City Collegiate
    Kyler FilewichVincent Massey Collegiate
    Matt MedranoSisler High School
    Mohammed SharakaJohn Taylor Collegiate
    Nathan DarkFort Richmond Collegiate
    Nick UngerSteinbach Regional
    Theo SimmonsJohn Taylor Collegiate
    Nick LotherVincent Massey Collegiate
    Team Kahunaverse Sports - Dark Jerseys
    Ben MensahMiles Macdonell Collegiate
    Cieran O’HaraSt. Paul's High School
    Didi DengKelvin High School
    Dontae AlexanderSt. Paul's High School
    Isaiah ColeRiver East Collegiate
    Jacob MacalaladMaples Collegiate
    Luke CardinalSt. Paul's High School
    Marcus ForemanDakota Collegiate
    Paul FranciscoKelvin High School
    Tanpreet DeolMaples Collegiate
    Trevonne JulianRiver East Collegiate
    Jeff LapingSt. Paul's High School
    AAAA Girls Manitoba Graduating All-Star Teams
    5:45 PM Game
    Team Rogers - Light Jerseys
    Anna PyneCollège Jeanne-Sauvé
    Chloe EllerbrockSt Mary’s Academy
    Claire SignatovichOak Park High School
    Emily JohnsonOak Park High School
    Faith ClearskyCrocus Plains High School
    Gurleen DhillonKildonan East Collegiate
    Halle IlaganSisler High School
    Holly KlassenOak Park High School
    Kyana WonnacottKildonan East Collegiate
    Lauren BartlettOak Park High School
    Quinn ThomasFort Richmond Collegiate
    Richsen RicafortSisler High School
    Shayna AlcantaraSisler High School
    Murray BrownOak Park High School
    Holly KitchenOak Park High School
    Team Wilson Sports - Dark Jerseys
    Abi WainikkaVincent Massey Collegiate
    Alexis ArnoldVincent Massey Collegiate
    Anna KernaghanSturgeon Heights Collegiate
    Dani EarlGlenlawn Collegiate
    Kylie KarrSturgeon Heights Collegiate
    Lana ShypitGlenlawn Collegiate
    Morag De KoningRiver East Collegiate
    Nikki RogersDakota Collegiate
    Rusheda GibbsDaniel McIntyre Collegiate
    Selva PlanincicSturgeon Heights Collegiate
    Sydney BjornsonDakota Collegiate
    Tate StarkellDakota Collegiate
    Tori WainikkaVincent Massey Collegiate
    Evan CoxSturgeon Heights Collegiate
    A, AA, AAA Boys Manitoba Graduating All-Star Teams
    11:30 AM Game
    Team Under Armour - Light Jerseys
    Adam BergenCarman Collegiate
    Alex EhrmantrautSt. James Collegiate
    Caleb ReimerSteinbach Christian School
    Chance LeaderMargaret Barbour Collegiate Institute
    Evan NachtigallNeelin High School
    Joel DueckNiverville Collegiate
    Jon TuzonSt. James Collegiate
    Kaed AslanChurchill High School
    Kevin DunnCarman Collegiate
    Kress SchmidtNiverville Collegiate
    Kyle TomchukRD Parker Collegiate
    Lucas MackMargaret Barbour Collegiate
    Mohammed TobailU of Winnipeg Collegiate
    Rylan VanderwoudeDufferin Christian School
    Tristan MartensMacGregor Collegiate
    Matt HagborgMargaret Barbour Collegiate
    Team Kahunaverse Sports - Dark Jerseys
    Abdihakim HedoonGordon Bell High School
    Atticus MillerPinawa School
    Connor YaremaArborg School
    Devin CohenGray Academy
    Ethan ThackerDauphin Regional School
    Garret DelfSte. Anne Collegiate
    Graham RasmussenPinawa School
    Joe BenoitSt. Norbert Collegiate
    John DizonNelson McIntyre Collegiate
    Logan SchreyerSanford Collegiate
    Noah ParrPinawa School
    Pacifique JubilateSt. Norbert Collegiate
    Stefan BuchsmannMorden Collegiate
    Tony RugemaSte. Anne Collegiate
    Zach VanWalleghemSanford Collegiate
    Colten GrybaSt. Norbert Collegiate
    A, AA, AAA Girls Manitoba Graduating All-Star Teams
    10:00 AM Game
    Team Rogers - Light Jerseys
    Alex ChesterWarren Collegiate
    Alex GrislisWestgate Mennonite Collegiate
    Ashley WilliamsRD Parker Collegiate
    Asia HoumphanhSt. James Collegiate
    Bria RydmanSt. John's Ravenscourt School
    Clarissa BirdU of W Collegiate
    Danielle BuchbergerU of W Collegiate
    Grace GoodmanWarren Collegiate
    Hannah KitchSwan Valley Regional School
    Kaylyn RoeNeepawa Area Collegiate
    Lexi HawyrlukGoose Lake School
    Natalie GundrumPrairie Mountain High School
    Sam KringleGoose Lake School
    Tressa McDonaldRD Parker Collegiate
    Brant NeufeldGoose Lake School
    Christine SimRD Parker Collegiate
    Sandy DiebertRD Parker Collegiate
    Team Wilson Sports - Dark Jerseys
    Alannah ClimacoLorette School
    Alyssa PattersonHapnot Collegiate
    Aseon ChoJohn Taylor Collegiate
    Assia DelingomaNeelin High School
    Briah AtkinsonHapnot Collegiate
    Brooke LeppSteinbach Christian School
    Hannah FriesenRosenort School
    Hunter LupyrypaStonewall Collegiate
    Jamaykah MillerNeelin High School
    Jordan BarrettSanford Collegiate
    Leslie SonanNelson McIntyre Collegiate
    Rikki Frost-HuntStonewall Collegiate
    Trinity BillaneyBoissevain School
    Trinity BlairNeelin High School
    Jared DueckRosenort School
    Matt McLeodNeelin High School
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