Basketball Manitoba today announced a new awareness and education campaign that it will be spearheading on a regular basis under a " # SafeSport " initiative.  The topics that will receive regular attention in the campaign include...
  • Awareness of a support line to report abuse, harassment, bullying or hazing in sport that will be connected to the Respect in Sport Support Line initiative;
  • Awareness of mental health support will connect people to the Kids Help Phone initiative;
  • Awareness on how to prevent and manage a concussion while participating in basketball will connect people to Basketball Manitoba's website;
  • A regular push for basketball players to wear mouthguards while playing. 
These new education campaigns will have a regular presence on Basketball Manitoba's social media platforms and email newsletters which have a combined following or readership of over 30,000 people.

Basketball Manitoba's Executive Director, Adam Wedlake commented, "These topics all deserve a regular and steady stream to the basketball community to promote awareness of this important information and services that are available for people who may be in need.  Some of these topics may not apply to you right now, but you may have a teammate or friend in the game who is struggling.  We want to ensure that everyone who picks up a basketball in Manitoba has the support and information they need to help keep basketball a sport for life."

The campaign will use the following imagery to keep the basketball community aware on a regular basis that help and information are always available.

Additional topics and themes will be added to the "#SafeSport" initiative in the future.

You can follow Basketball Manitoba on any of these platforms to see the #SafeSport campaigns and stay in the loop on other news and events from around the basketball community...

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