Motorcycle plates are also available. 
Looking for an excellent gift for your basketball fan on your list?  Give them the gift of a basketball specialty licence plate from your local MPI Autopac agent!  To do this, you can contact any of the 300+ Manitoba Autopac agents and purchase a basketball plate for $70.00 so long as you, the person giving the gift has an active qualifying policy with MPI.  You can then give the new, unused basketball plates to your basketball fan along with written authorization as a gift to them to take the plates and a letter to their Autopac agent to add the new basketball plates to their own MPI policy.

The text of a sample letter that can be copied to a new document, edited and used is... (replace the bolded information with your own) VIEW SAMPLE LETTER AS A GOOGLE DOC.



To whom it may concern,

NameOfPersonWhoPurchasedBasketballPlates (Policy number XXXXXXXXX) give NameOfPersonRecievingBasketballPlates permission to now own basketball specialty licence plate number BK0000 effective immediately.

Thank you,




Learn more about the basketball specialty licence plates here...

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