This quick little drill is a fun one for the youth while helping them with their defensive reactions and their off-ball offensive fakes and hesitations. You can allow the players to be as silly as they want or you can have them focus more closely on doing basketball movements.
Pair players off, ideally with similar speed and agility. Place pairs throughout the gym, using lines to denote boundaries for each group. Have players face each other along their lines. No basketballs to start.
  1. One player will begin as the “offense” while their partner will be the “defense”
  2. The goal of the drill is for the defender to mimic the movements of the offensive player
  3. Be sure to keep players within a designated area so they do not collide with other groups
  4. Go for a timed round (approximately 30 seconds) before having players switch roles
  • When changing directions ensure players establish a plant foot to load their weight onto
  • Make sure the knee does not go outside of the foot on the plant
  • Make sure the mirror is moving as fast as they can
SKILL FOCUSFootwork, Balance, Agility
AGE (STAGE)6-9 (FUNdamentals), 9-12 (Learn-To-Train)
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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