Fitness Revolution St. Boniface has announced a new adult based basketball training program for men and women ages 18+.  The  “Jump Into Shape” Basketball Academy will begin this fall and have its basketball portion led by local coach Jon Giesbrecht.

If you’re a former athlete that wants to get back into high-performance shape, the “Jump into Shape” Basketball Academy is the only sport performance program for adults that integrates on-court skills practice, strength and conditioning and performance nutrition into one package specific to basketball.

You’ll not only lose fat and get back in shape, but you’ll have a blast doing it with the sport that you know how to do best.

The 8-week “Jump into Shape” Basketball Academy includes:
  1. Two semi-private strength and conditioning sessions per week.  You will do two 45-60 minute sessions to increase your strength around the net, your speed up and down the court, your vertical jump, your athleticism and, of course, your metabolism.
  2. Performance nutrition.  In this 8-week program, you ditch the dieting.  Instead, you’ll do performance nutrition.  Whether it’s fueling your body with the right carbs to power your performance, getting enough protein to build muscle and aid in recovery, or getting enough vegetables and fruits to have energy to crush your workdays and your workouts, we coach your through the process of dialing in your nutrition to optimize your game and your body.
  3. One on-court skills session per week.  We offer you the opportunity for some court-time with our amazing coach.  We will work with you to increase your shooting, your passing, your dribbling, and your movement on the court.
Once, you’re all done here, you’ll not only be in shape, you’ll be ready to get back into that weekend warrior ball that you’ve missed out on because of aches, pains, your belly and your lack of energy.

An investment in a higher-performing body that is lean, energized and a better version of yourself.

Again, in the 8-week Basketball Academy you get:
  • Individual program design (valued at $149 per month = $298)
  • Performance nutrition coaching  (valued at $179 per month = $358)
  • Two semi-private strength and conditioning sessions per week (valued at $289 per month = $578)
  • One on-court session per week (valued at $149 per month = $298)
  • One-on-one strategy session (valued at $85)
  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals (can you put a price on this?)
  • Supportive, enthusiastic coaches that take full ownership for your results (can you put a price on this?)
Total value = $1617 or more

Until August 16th, you can have all this for early bird price of only $349.  Or two payments of $179.  After that the price goes up to $389 or 2 payments of $199.  Where do I sign up?

Feel free to fill out this form to see if you qualify.

Once you register, we will contact you to set up your initial strategy session to get the ball rolling. We are only taking a limited number of athletes, so take advantage of this sooner than later!

To learn more, head over to the “Jump Into Shape” Basketball Academy Facebook page here.

Or, you can join us for a FREE 2-week jump start.  With the jump start, you’ll meet with Coach Brent to discuss your program.  You’ll then have a program designed specifically for you, then you’ll get 4 free strength and conditioning sessions and 2 free on-court sessions. Just fill out this form here.

Did we mention the jump start is FREE!

Brent Lohmer, CSCS
Head Coach, Fitness Revolution St B

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