Being quick and developing leg strength is important for the game of basketball. In this drill, it will introduce resistance to a simple movement while slowly increasing the load in helping to improve acceleration and lower body power.
The set-up only requires players to partner up with someone (preferably of similar height). Adding cones and basketballs are optional.
  1. Assign all players as Partner A or Partner B
  2. Partner A will run first, with Partner B providing resistance
  3. Partner B faces Partner A, placing their hands on his/her shoulders
  4. Partner A begins to run forwards, leaning forwards an driving their knees high
  5. Partner B provides resistance, slowly backpedaling as Partner A moves forwards
  6. Run a specified distance (i.e. to half-court), then switch roles
  • Ensure Partner A (the runner) makes powerful steps, and uses their arms in opposition
  • Ensure Partner B (the resister) is strong and stable, and backpedals at an appropriate speed
SKILL FOCUSFootwork, balance, coordination, speed
AGE (STAGE)6-9 (FUNdamentals)
EQUIPMENTCones and Basketballs (optional)
  •  Have players perform the same drill with backpedaling instead of running
  • For older groups, have Partner B release on a whistle, allowing Partner A to sprint 4-5 steps
  • Give Partner A a basketball to dribble while facing resistance
  • Use two basketballs for added difficulty
  • Provide resistance for half of the court and then once the player with the ball gets to half or 3/4 court, take off the resistance and have them finish for layup
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