Basketball Manitoba is pleased to offer to Manitoba School Divisions the opportunity to host one of the 'Basketball Coach School' Clinics this November or December. The clinics will be offered at NO COST to the host School Division and are targeted to in-school middle / junior high and high school coaches and can be set up in conjunction with an existing coordinated or in-service day.  The clinics can range in length between 3-6 hours and will be conducted by Basketball Manitoba Technical Director Dan Becker along with a variety of special guests including Randy Kusano, Ross Wedlake and Grant Richter among others.

The clinics will include age and grade-appropriate topics including fundamental drills and skills (shooting, passing, dribbling), practice management and basic team offensive and defensive concepts. A maximum of eight (8) of these clinics will be offered and a maximum of no more than one (1) clinic per school division per school year. Clinics will be filled on a first come first served basis.  If you would like your School Division to host a future free BCS clinic in your area, please have your School Division Phys Ed Sport Consultant contact Dan Becker at Basketball Manitoba to make the arrangements.   For more information...

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  1. is it possible that something like this could be offered to wmba coaches a month or a few weeeks before the season starts? might encourage new coaches to sign up at community centres if they have a little training to get them started.

    1. Hi Rodger - yes a good suggestion! We will look at that in the future. All WMBA coaches also get free access to attend the Basketball Manitoba Super Coaches Clinic as well.


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