By Emily Potter

In the moment I lay on the ground right after an injury, there are so many thoughts going through my head. Is this serious? Is this season ending? Am I overreacting? Anytime I get hurt, I tell myself to stay calm down and breathe. Breathing is how I get through the tough times. If it feels like everything around me is chaos, I can always come back to my breath, because it’s the one thing I can always count on.

Injuries and sports go hand in hand. For most athletes, if they play long enough they are bound to get hurt. I do, however, have some teammates who have never been injured in their entire college careers, and I sure am envious of them. But I know my journey through injury has brought me to where I am today and made me a stronger, more resilient person. Every person’s journey is unique and never free of hardships.

At the beginning of my sophomore season, I tore my ACL.

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